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Looking for a Parents like The Village Pre-school because we are: Flexible: choose your days, hours and start date Open long hours: open 9.15am to 12.15pm, 1.15pm, 2.15pm, 2.45pm or 3.15pm - you choose your child’s finish time Affordable: Free for eligible 2-4 year olds up to 15 hours per week. Just £5.50 per hour for extra hours and non funded children. We offer extra flexiblity for 2 year olds. Friendly: your child will be happy and safe with our attentive caring staff Supportive: we promote learning and independence, encouraging your child to be confident. We offer Forest School sessions, promoting confidence and the emergence of risk taking skills Fun: children enjoy exciting and stimulating activities, including visits from special guests and trips Contact us today on 01494 817093 or visit us at The Village Pre-school The Methodist Church, Coppice Farm Road, Tylers Green HP10 8AN Registered charity 1098879 IT experts who speak your language. That’s Ingenuity. At Ingenuity we understand IT. Equally reassuring though, is our ability to understand and meet our customers’ needs, and to speak their language. High quality computer and IT systems support for individuals, small and medium-size businesses (SMEs) and non-profit organisations Great value services Plain English advice No-nonsense price promises Find out more about Ingenuity IT’s full range of services at 219 Penn Road, Hazlemere, HP15 7PB Freephone 0800 849 4503 8

YOUR LETTERS Dear VV, Two years ago I was screened at Wycombe Hospital and found I had breast cancer. It was the early detection that really helped in my positive prognosis. This year I am fundraising for the Scanners used in screening - hence Scannappeal! Please come along, all are welcome Jennie Roberts 814700 Village Voice April/May 2018 I disagree that ‘the problem for the Society is that it is trying to be all things to be all people is not a realistic proposition’, nor ‘it means it solely expresses the majority view of the 15 members of its committee and not that of the community’. My experience is that the P&TGRS very much keeps its finger on the pulse by remaining an integral part of the community, supporting very worthy and important current projects such as the Village pre-school and the Village Voice, which continues to publish local views from both sides of any discussion under a balanced editorial. The Society continues to flourish under the excellent Chairmanship of Miles Green who brings to the table a balanced wealth of well-informed knowledge and experience through his unwavering, voluntary dedication to and involvement with the wellbeing of those who live within the area. Surely better to consider matters in the most non-partisan way that P&TGRS continue to represent the local community rather than by a partisan approach that subscription would introduce. As most of my neighbours agree, may we long continue to live in a community where all local matters are represented openly and democratically. Thank you P& TG RS for continuing to ensure this possible. Ian Petrie . Elm Road. Penn resident Dear VV, I was rather surprised to read Peter Brown’s recent blog 'Does the P&TG Residents’ Society really represent the residents?' which attempted to defame the P&TGRS. In a healthy community such as Penn & Tylers Green there will always be differences of opinion over varying issues from time to time. P& TGRS have a long history of protecting the best interests of the community and surroundings we are privileged to enjoy either as local residents or as visitors to our village enjoying the local amenities. Continued above Dear VV, As the group that has actively campaigned to prevent Cock Lane from being widened to provide a through route to the A40, we don't agree with the view that the Penn & Tylers Green Residents Society cannot be both a campaigning and a social group. Our experience over the last 3 years is that the Residents Society has been a very powerful voice in the ongoing campaign to prevent BCC more than doubling the traffic flow past the Middle School. We brought our findings and arguments to the Residents Society. Whilst they opposed the widening of Cock Lane, they did not think it was possible to stop the connection of the Spine road and the through route. We did - and they listened. They were persuaded by the strength of our arguments and the factual case we had put together. They then led the Continued overleaf 9

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