7 months ago

JEE Main 2018


JEE Main 2018 is just a few days away and tensions are currently running high. While the focus should be on the last minute revision and preparation process, the JEE Main aspirants often fail to be aware of the various rules and regulations set up for JEE Main 2018. Why is it important to know the rules? Because these rules will help you to know what the limitations are i.e., what to carry or not, what is allowed and what is not and so on. The do’s and don’ts for JEE Main exam compiled in this article will let you know what you can and cannot do during the national engineering entrance examination. We also bring you the details for the JEE Main kit that you can make and ensure you carry the requisite documents to the exam centre.

Before starting, know the exam schedule: Particulars a) Entry in the Examination Hall for frisking Paper-I (for (B.E./B.Tech.) exam timing Paper-II (B.Arch./B. Planning.) exam timings 7:00 am onwards 12:45 am onwards b) Distribution of Test Booklet 09:20 am 13:50 am c) Seal of the Test Booklet to be broken/ opened to take out the Answer Sheet d) Last entry in the Examination Hall 09:25 am 13:55 pm 09:30 am 14:00 pm e) Test commences 09:30 am 14:00 pm f) Test concludes 12:30 pm 17:00 pm

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