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REVIEW Overall there are

REVIEW Overall there are only minor tweaks to the design so you’d have to be eagle-eyed to spot the differences. On the lid is a ‘gram’ logo instead of ‘LG’, the webcam has been moved and power key looks a bit different. The latter is because LG has added a fingerprint scanner and another way to long into Windows. Tweaks aside, the design of the LG gram 15 is once again all about how much it weighs. We were amazed at the previous model coming in at 1.08kg, a staggering figure for a full-size 15in laptop. The 2018 model is a shade heavier but still an impressive 1.1kg. For context, the MacBook Pro with Touchbar (£2,249 from is 1.83kg and the Dell XPS 15 9560 (£1,279 from is almost double the gram 15 at 2kg. There are some closer rivals though, like the Lenovo Yoga 920 (£1,199 from at 1.37kg and the Surface Laptop (£959 from at 1.25kg. 20 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

REVIEW If you want an amazingly light full-size laptop, then the LG is a front runner, and is available in smaller and even lighter models too. In order to save weight, LG eschews a solid metal build like many of its rivals. Instead, it is made from a ‘nano carbon magnesium’ – an alloy that feels more like plastic than metal, but is supposedly military-grade and passed seven different tests. The reality is that the laptop is flexible, especially the lid, but this is the tradeoff to have the lightweight result. We like the gunmetal grey finish that has a slight texture to it. Once again, the bezels around the screen are very small making the laptop look modern and sleek, but also feel like a smaller laptop than a usual 15in model. As mentioned earlier, the webcam has moved and is now above the screen instead of nestled into the hinge below. It’s a much more appropriate placement and is so small you might not even notice it. Keyboard and trackpad The keyboard on the LG gram 15 for 2018 is the same as its predecessor, bar the fingerprint scanner now embedded into the power key. It works well and is much faster than typing a password. Overall it’s a decent keyboard, but is nothing special. It’s a full-size chiclet style keyboard with a dedicated numberpad to the right. That will come in handy for some but it does means the main part is shifted to the left rather than being central, which takes a bit of getting used to. There’s nothing that gets on our nerves too much, but bear in mind that some keys such as enter are quite MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 21

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