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REVIEW Geekbench 4

REVIEW Geekbench 4 PCMark 8 The jump in Geekbench 4 is particularly impressive, although the Yoga 920 with the same chip scores even higher. Still, you’re getting desktop-esque performance here from a mobile chip. As this is a business-focused laptop, it’s no surprise that you can’t do any full-on gaming with it. You’re limited to Intel HD 620 which is the same as before. In 3DMark Sky Diver, the score improves by a reasonable 24 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

REVIEW amount but it’s still not enough to be noteworthy. Really, the specifications here are aimed at performing well and more mundane tasks without using much power – hence the big difference in the regular clock speed and Turbo Boost – so look for a laptop with discrete graphics if gaming is important to you. Battery life Last year’s gram 15 put out a great battery performance of 12 hours. A key statistic when looking at a laptop designed for travelling, when you’ll be away from power sources with which to charge the device. This year LG has managed to fit an even bigger battery inside – 72Wh up from 60Wh – and claims the 15in model can last up to 16.5 hours (the 13.3in model a whopping 22.5 hours). That’s impressive, especially when you consider that the laptop is only marginally heavier than before and batteries aren’t exactly light. In our usual video loop test with the screen brightness set to 120cd/m 2 (60 percent in this case), the LG gram 15 lasted a remarkable 15 hours and 48 minutes. Nearly four hours longer than its predecessor is a huge improvement. However, some cheaper rivals that are only a little bit heavier can outdo the gram 15. For example, the Microsoft Surface Laptop can manage 16 hours in the same test, while the Lenovo Yoga 920 goes even further at 16 hours 45 minutes. Connectivity It’s commonplace for thin and light laptops to come with next to no connectivity these days, but that’s not the case here. Like the previous model, LG has MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 25

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