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FEATURE 3. Voice

FEATURE 3. Voice dictation For those suffering from repetitive strain injuries or who would rather not type all the time, using a voice dictation app for document creation can help. There are several options for using voice dictation with Chromebooks, but two that I tried and liked were Google’s built-in dictation for Google Docs and the free Chromebook app VoiceNote II. To use the feature on Google Docs, open a word processing document, and go to Tools > Voice typing in the menu. A small window with a microphone will open to the left of the document area. Click that and start dictating your document. The only problem with Google’s solution is that it was a little on the slow side in my tests. When you need to dictate offline, VoiceNote II is a good choice. This Chrome app takes 74 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

FEATURE dictation very well. It’s not the best at doing edits such as properly interpreting what you mean by saying “delete” or “backspace”, but for the most part it works. 4. Night Light Like Apple and Microsoft have done, Google added a night light feature to Chrome OS. This feature allows you to tone down the screen temperature at night by reducing the amount of blue light coming off the screen. Blue light is associated with daylight, and toning it down is supposed to help your body release melatonin to aid in falling asleep after a latenight YouTube session. Google has yet to make this an official feature, but enabling it on a Chromebook is easy enough. All you have to do is drop into the flags section, where you can find many interesting and experimental features for Chrome and Chrome OS. Open Chrome and in the address bar type chrome://flags/#ash-enable-night-light and hit Enter. Next click Enable, and restart your machine. Tap the control panel area in the lower right corner of your shelf. You should now see a new Night Light icon between the help and lock symbols. Whenever you want to go into night mode – it’s best to do this at or a few hours after sundown – just tap that icon. To turn off the feature tap it again. MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 75

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