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FEATURE If you want to

FEATURE If you want to schedule Night Light’s active hours or adjust the colour mix for the feature, go to Settings > Device > Displays > Night Light. By default, Night Light doesn’t have any scheduling, but you can tell your PC to turn on Night Light from sunset to sunrise or set a custom time. 5. Share files between Chrome OS and Linux We’ve already covered how to use Crouton to install Linux on your Chromebook. It’s an easy way to get a second operating system on your laptop for those times you really need a full desktop – like when you want to play Civilization VI on the couch using Steam in-home streaming. One of the handy features that Crouton has is that by default you can share files between your Linux install and Chrome OS via the Downloads folder. This folder has the same contents regardless of which operating system you’re in. If you have a file or folder in Linux that you need to drop to Chrome OS or vice versa, just put it in the Downloads folder on either side and you’re all set. 76 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

Best gaming laptops BUYING GUIDE Know what to look for and which models rate highest. GORDON MAH UNG reports Picking a gaming laptop today isn’t as easy as it was five years ago when a ‘real’ gaming laptop meant 5kg of back-breaking hardware to haul around. With major advances in laptop video cards and CPUs, you can now get great gaming performance from laptops ranging from light to super heavy and from super expensive to budget. The problem these days: too many choices. A luxury problem, to be sure. MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 77

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