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BUYING GUIDE Still, you need to know how to navigate this bounty. In this guide, we’ll not only name the best gaming laptops currently available, we’ll also highlight what to look for when buying a gaming laptop. The ‘best’ screen for a laptop When you buy a gaming laptop, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make regards the screen. After all, what you get on day one is what you’re stuck with until you junk the device. You can, of course, run an external monitor but then, what’s the point of a laptop? Display size The size of the screen dictates the size of the laptop itself, and thus weight. You can’t, for example, get a 17in gaming laptop that’s 2kg, so think long and hard about whether you’re willing to take the weight penalty in exchange for the screen real estate. If the laptop is going to be your only gaming machine, having a 17in screen might be ideal. This is very much a matter of personal preference. Screen resolution The buzzword today is ‘4K’ and it delivers sharper photo viewing, though that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. In fact, for a lot of people, it’s not a musthave. While photos might be sharper, anything not using the panel’s native resolution of 3840x2180 will look softer. That means games running at lower than 4K resolution won’t look quite as sharp unless you exponentially increase the graphics power of the 78 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

laptop. If you’re running at 1920x1080 resolution because your GPU can’t hit 60fps at 4K, that feature is moot. For many gamers, 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 is far more optimal. IPS vs. TN vs. OLED The panel technology is also a key feature. IPS (in-plane switching) generally produces much greater colour accuracy and superior off-axis viewing, but tends to lag in response times, which can lead to blurring. TN (twisted nematic) panels, on the other hand, can offer far higher refresh rates and usually better response times than IPS, but can look washed out. A middleground technology that’s appearing more often is VA (vertical alignment). VA is sometimes alternately BUYING GUIDE The MSI GS63VR features a 4K resolution panel but not enough GPU to really drive it for today’s games MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 79

Samsung Series 3 15.6" Laptop - NP305E5A-A01US - User Manual (Windows 8) ver. 1.6 (KOREAN,15.78 MB)
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Samsung Series 3 15.6" Laptop - NP300E5A-A01UB - User Manual (Windows 8) ver. 1.6 (KOREAN,15.78 MB)
Samsung Series 3 15.6" Laptop - NP305E5A-A04US - User Manual (Windows 8) ver. 1.6 (KOREAN,15.78 MB)
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