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LIVE Magazine Issue #269 April 13, 2018

LIVE Magazine is an exclusive entertainment magazine designed for good times. Established in 2006, it is an art and entertainment hard copy and web publication highlighting art and entertainment events, shopping and dining venues in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. Other content includes commentary on celebrities, films, shows, human interest, emerging artists, charity events, travel and inspirational pieces. Contact us through email: Phone: 760-409-1234 Best time to phone is 11AM-2PM Pacific. LIVE Magazine covers events in Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. We have over 2.68 Million web viewers on our last 114 issues! See today's total here:


DINER’S CHOICE WINNER TOP 100 DINING HOT SPOTS IN IN THE U.S.! DOWNTOWN PALM SPRINGS 760 327-LULU (5858) LULUPALMSPRINGS.COM * * CALIFORNIA BISTRO AT THE RIVER, RANCHO MIRAGE 760 862-9800 ACQUARANCHOMIRAGE.COM new! Lulu’s new sister restaurant in Rancho Mirage Same great menus and great fun! * * * bountiful breakfast innovativE & traditional every day 8–11am 50+ delicious American, French and South-of-the-border breakfast dishes at great prices, including: thrEE Eggs, potatoEs and housE-madE toast or or thrEE ButtErmilk pancakEs only 7.99 frEnch toast or or BElgian wafflE or or BluEBErry pancakEs only 8.99 Plus ... ... light and fluffy 3-Egg omElEttEs with your choice of of 17 17 ingredients california norwEgian BEnEdict two poached eggs with fresh avocados, smoked salmon and caviar atop a hash brown patty finished with hollandaise sauce and with fresh fruit ... ... or or 6 othEr supErB BEnEdicts frEnch scramBlE with Boursin chEEsE three eggs, served with Arturo’s home fries or or hashbrowns and our home-made light multigrain toast housE cornEd BEEf hash prepared from scratch, served with three eggs any style and Arturo’s home fries or or hashbrowns and our home-made light multigrain toast Now serving farm-fresh eggs from free-range, pasture-fed chickens — no hormones or or antibiotics. Great espressos, cappuccinos and lattes with Koffi’s superb fresh-roasted beans. lunch & dinner from 11am * stEak and Eggs a grilled 8 ounce New York steak, served with three eggs any style and Arturo’s home fries or or hashbrowns and our home-made light multigrain toast. frEnch crêpEs maison hearty and savory –– scrambled eggs, turkey, ham and Swiss cheese, served with fresh fruit huEvos ranchEros eggs served over corn tortillas, refried beans, salsa, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, avocado and cilantro leaves 5 othEr south-of-thE-BordEr breakfast dishes In-house daily fresh-squeezed orange juice ... ... and much, much more!

“BESTS”AWARDED TO TO LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO caterer breakfast sunday brunch happy hour dinner deal continental dining international dining american dining california cuisine casual dining outdoor dining romantic dinner vegetarian/gluten-free earthy eats late night dining watering hole/bar cocktail menu craft cocktail classic cocktail margarita martini pet friendly dining THE DESERT SUN’S BEST OF OF THE THE VALLEY 2018 AWARDED TO TO ACQUA CALIFORNIA BISTRO new restaurant happy hour weekend brunch romantic ambience pet friendly dining “THE BEST BRUNCH in in CALIFORNIA!” sunday —— —— TRIPPING.COM —— brunch FORBES, FORBES, LA LA TIMES LA TIMES Champagne, Mimosa Mimosa $4.99 $4.99 w/ w/ refills w/ refills from $19 per person 99 per person 11am 99 plus tax tax plus tax –3pm Champagne, Mimosa $4.99 $4.99 w/ refills w/ refills Saturday too! too! Weekend brunch at at acqua award-winning 3-course feast EvEry day day aftEr 11am $19 99 per per person person plus tax tax plus tax 5 appEtizErs 5 12 12 EntréEs 5 dEssErts! 5 Early Early Bird Bird spEcial 3pm–5pm per $16 99 99 per person plus tax tax plus tax five-star 4-course menus 5 superb 5 soups, 6 amazing 6 appetizers and and salads, 14 14 exciting entrées, 8 decadent 8 desserts & $29 99 99 / / $39 99 99 the the best best all-day happy hour 11am–closing per person awarded best caterer ** * PALM PALM SPRINGS LIFE LIFE 2018 2018 ** * THE THE DESERT SUN SUN 2017 2017 ** CV * CV CV INDEPENDENT 2017 2017 760-537-0048 lulu catering and events Our Our creative, multitalented team team is is second is second to to none to none We’re the the most most reliable and and imaginative catering and and event event company in in in the the desert! Our Our highly highly experienced team team offers offers a comprehensive a service for for any any kind kind of event: of event: from from intimate gatherings, to to beautiful weddings and and luxurious galas. galas.

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