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LIVE Magazine Issue #269 April 13, 2018

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LYNDA CARTER Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame LIVEMAGAZINETV WITH SABASTIAN REICH Lynda Carter an accomplished singer and star of stage, screen, and television. She has a career that has lasted fifty years. Lynda is just as popular today as she was forty years ago starring in Wonder Woman, when she became the highest paid actress on television. At the star ceremony, Lynda dazzled the fans with a beautiful black dress and stunning hair and makeup by her glam squad, Nevin and Lauren Miller, who traveled from DC with her. Lynda exited a black Escalade with family and bodyguards and made her way through adoring screaming fans, blockaded by barricades, and made her way to us. There we were greeted by a hug and a kiss by the super star. Helping Emcee Elton Gubler unveil the star was Lynda’s longtime friend from acting class, CBS powerhouse Les Moonves, whom Lynda had met after she won 1972 Miss World USA, and friend, Patty Jenkins, Director of the blockbuster hit, Wonder Woman. A thousand or so fans surrounded the barricades to see their favorite star receive her honor. Some fans traveled from Costa Rica, Argentina, and all the states to witness this special day. Our seats were in the family and friends reserved section for a great viewing of this special day. Among Lynda’s special cherished friends were BFF, the beautiful, Blaine Trump, from Miami, in a floral blazer. The Emerson family. The lovely actress -unchanged by time, Marilu Henner, Lynda’s publicist, the fabulous Pete Sanders, Frank Ewing, Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer and more. Lynda exited the event to her waiting car that whisked her off high in the hills of Cold Water Canyon to the beautiful home of Lynda’s long time friends, the Emersons. They hosted a wonderful catered luncheon at their stunning hilltop home with an array of sumptuous food and drinks. The Emersons spoke of their long-time friendship with the star and her family and what it means to have a friend as dear as Lynda Carter. Lynda Carter received the 2,632th star on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame. LIVEMAGAZINETV 43

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