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C002D5556 Sunday 08 April 2018 36BDSUNDAY BrandsOnSunday SPOTLIGHTING BRAND VALUE NHF ticks Three Crowns Milk’s value proposition Three Crowns Milk produced by Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria has discovered various routes to more market penetration; the mothers. It has ‘healthy mums, happy families’ and ‘mum of the year’ campaigns. The brand owners also recently took a bold step to secure NHF certification as healthy product to justify its nourishing and healthy- living value proposition. Daniel Obi writes on this recent move. L-R: Maureen Ifada, marketing manager, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc;Ben Langat, managing director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc; Oladipo Akinkugbe, (CFR) past president, Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF), and Ore Famurewa, corporate affairs director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc, during the Endorsement of Three Crowns Milk with Nigerian Heart Foundation. There are varieties of milk products in a typical Nigerian market; be it small or big market. But all the milk products are not of the same standard quality especially when friendly-to-heart valuation is considered. Some of the products have no official health certification such as low cholesterol and heart friendliness; still they promote healthy living to gullible consumers. With rising concerns among consumers against unhealthy foods, some brand owners whose products have been certified by relevant authorities have adopted such niche as a marketing tool. For instance, Nigeria’s dairy food market remains one of the highly saturated markets in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, FMCG. The number of new entrants with different products into the market seems to be growing on a consistent basis and this has fostered intensive competition. “For good measure, development such as this was seen as a sign of improvement in the economy as the country continues to attract investment portfolio from such quarter. Aside the fact that the development has stimulated the market, the level of competition appears to be on the rise as brands try to outwit one another. But over time, the adoption of value propositions by the brands has clearly helped in differentiating one from the other”, says an analyst. Three Crowns Confidence Aside the differentiation benefit for the brands, the use of proven value proposition has even become more relevant in legitimising consumption among consumers. With determination therefore to reinforce its presence and value proposition in the mind of consumers, the management of Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria Plc, producer of Three Crowns Milk approached the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF), an affiliate of the World Heart Federation, Geneva for endorsement of the product as heart-friendly. Ordinarily, the dire consequence of any eventual failure and not meeting the global standard would discourage uncertain brands from going for assessment and endorsement as NHF will not compromise. But owners of Three Crowns Milk strongly believe in the product. Therefore, it strikes attention when any brand decides to approach the body for endorsement. It is a mark of confidence and reliability on the ingredients and the quality of the final product for human consumption, especially in a time healthy eating consciousness has heightened. With absolute believe in its 30 year-old Three Crowns Milk product, Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria Plc submitted the product to NHF for examination and subsequent endorsement. For days, the body with international recognition which has the objective to promote and support research on cardiovascular disease and create public enlightenment on prevention of heart diseases and promotion of heart health subjected the product to various scientific tests. Of course, the body wanted to act thoroughly in order to justify its eventual scientific claim on the product and whatever result it would come out with. Therefore it took its time to examine the product to authenticate or otherwise of the product as heart friendly product. At end of the examination, the body endorsed Three Crowns Milk as heart friendly dairy Milk. Underscoring the endorsement, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Council of NHF, recently congratulated the Management of Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria Plc on the celebration of 30years anniversary of Three Crowns Milk in Nigeria; and signing up the Three Crowns Milk product in joining the stable of Heart health Food Products in Nigeria. Speaking at the official endorsement of the milk in Lagos recently, the President of NHF, Francesca Emanuel said the organisation is delighted to collaborate with Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria plc, producer of Three Crowns Milk on the endorsement of the product which has been found to be free of cholesterol, no trans-fat and low in salt. She said the NHF Heart Check Food Labelling Program started in 1998 as a tripartite initiative between Nigerian Heart Foundation, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Food Industry promoting heart friendly food products through a rigorous scientific process. Also speaking, Ben Langat, the managing director of Wamco said the company considers it a privilege to partner with NHF to promote good healthy living among consumers. He said Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria is collaborating with the government in tackling non-communicable diseases because NHF and Three Crowns Milk share a common interest. He said the product supports consumers by providing quality nutrition for individuals including mothers and children. The company started production of Three Crowns Milk in Nigeria 30 years ago. Nigerian Heart Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded in 1992 to promote Heart health, scientific research in cardiovascular health, healthy lifestyles and advocacy on heart-related issues. The Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) Heart Check Food Labelling Programme supports national initiatives for healthier food choices, through endorsement of positive Heart Check logo on healthier food products certified to be heart friendly. Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) – Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Sickle Cell Disease and chest diseases – are the greatest killer diseases of the 21st century. But, heart disease is a leading killer of the 5 main NCDs in Nigeria. As WHO focuses globally on the prevention of NCDs through healthy diets by means of – reformulation education and front-of-pack labelling; and the UN Secretary General’s progress report on the NCD prevention demands more action in particular in developing countries; Nigerian Heart Foundation has been working assiduously over the last ten years with NAFDAC in the promotion of healthier heartfriendly food choices. This milestone achievement by Three Crowns Milk has become significant at a time awareness about healthy eating has heightened, but more importantly when consumers are not sure of what to consume to avoid health issues such as heart diseases, cholesterols and obesity. What the certificate indicates is that Three Crowns Milk is encouraging healthy lifestyle in Nigeria through dieting which can reduce risks of obesity and illnesses such heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. It is therefore important that such milestone has been achieved by Three Crowns Milk in the Nigerian market for consumers many of whom are facing various challenges and therefore in need of healthy food. With 5G, security is top of mind from the start In this digital age, devices and applications require a wireless network access that is not only fast but also resilient, secure, and able to protect the individual’s right to privacy. The 5G system puts all this front and center. The latest white paper from Ericsson, 5G security – enabling a trustworthy 5G system, describes the security of 5G NR and core network. This paper provides an overview of five core properties that build the trustworthiness of the 5G system, namely: resilience; communication security; identity management; privacy; and security assurance. These properties make 5G a reliable platform that enables a range of new services to be created, such as various IoT use cases. Like its predecessors, 5G is expected to become an integral part of a connected society. 5G security provides a level of trustworthiness that meets the requirements of use cases currently foreseen from the end user, service provider and regulatory perspectives. This trustworthiness stems not only from a set of security features, but also from system design principles and implementation guidelines that are applied with a holistic and risk-based mindset. In short, 5G security is not an addon, but built in from the start, says Ericsson. To build a secure system, it is important to take a holistic view and not only focus on individual parts in isolation. This is why various organizations such as the 3GPP, GSMA, ETSI, IETF and ONAP have jointly developed the 5G system, each covering different aspects or focusing on specific parts, the company said. It is also crucial to understand relevant risks, and how to deal with them.

Sunday 08 April 2018 C002D5556 BDSUNDAY 37 Kiddies Children speak on future career NGOZI OKPALAKUNNE The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams, those who can feel it, see it, and say it. However, future career means a profession one wants to specialise in. The choice of such career may be as a result of the interest one has in such profession. In this edition, BDSUNDAY Kiddies interviewed some children on the choice of their future career and their reasons. Authur Joshua a JSS3 student of Timi Comprehensive, College, Lagos, said he would want to be an electrical engineer. For him, engineering is one profession he has passion for. Akindele Samuel of Baptist Bowen College said he wants to be an accountant, because he enjoys calculations. For Nwabu Nwanneke, an SS1 student of Timi Comprehensive College, to become a lawyer has been his dream career. Explaining the reasons behind his choice he said: ‘’l like law profession because it will enable me defend the innocent ones who have been wrongly accused’’. Osifeso Adeyinka, a 16-year earch Puzzle Free Printable Word Search Puzzles Insects Find and circle all of the Insects that are hidden in the grid. The words may be hidden in any direction. ANT APHID BUMBLE BEE BEETLE BUTTERFLY CATERPILLAR CENTIPEDE old student of Living Spring Hi-grade College Ilasamaja, wants to be a medical doctor. Explaining the reason behind his choice of career he said: ‘’I really want to contribute my quota to the development of health sector in the country. I have been studying very hard so that my dream will come through because l know that one has to go an extra mile in studying before one becomes a medical doctor.’’ Also speaking on his future career, David Okpala a student of Bishop Howells College said he wants to become a pilot. For David, flying people on air across the globe is something that excites him. ‘’I want to be a pilot and l know God will help me. l have decided to read harder so that l will pass all my subjects to enable me gain admission into school of aviation; l know l will do well when l get there and l will come out with a good result ,” he said. Ogemdi Simeon of Aguda Junior Secondary said he wants to become a banker. According to him, the reason for the choice is because he loves calculations. “l know that working in the bank when l grow up will COCKROACH CRICKET DRAGONFLY FIREFLY FLEA GRASSHOPPER HORNET MOSQUITO MOTH SPIDER WASP WORM Did you enjoy this puzzle? Visit: Copyright © 2018 Children entertaining themselves at a zoo in Lagos recently. certainly make me happy. Besides loving calculations, l also like the way bankers dress and l will like to dress like them when l grow up. I am also aware that l need to be serous with my studies so as to make my dream come to pass. As a result, l do not joke with my studies, l always go to school on time, l read my books both in the school and at home and so far my results have been good. l know l will also pass my WAEC and JAMB,” he said, confidently. Story of the bearded fool Once upon a time, there lived a man who had a long beard that he was very proud of. Every day, he would clean his bushy beard and comb it neatly. Then, he would stroke his bread, stretching his neck with pride. “My long beard makes me look scholarly and dignified,” he would think and smile to himself. One night, the man was sitting in his house and reading a book by candle-light. Suddenly, he came across a sentence that read: A man with a long beard is a fool. At first, he couldn’t believe he was reading it correctly. He blinked his eyes, rubbed them many times, opened them wide, and read the sentence again. It clearly said: A man with a beard is a fool. At this, the man was very disappointed. He walked up to the window, holding his beard in his hand. “How can I believe such a remark!” he wondered. “If it is true, then I am a fool! Oh, what a stupid thought!” he murmured, brushing the suggestion away from his mind. The bearded man tried to forget what he had read in the book, but it kept haunting him. “I always thought a long beard was a sign of intelligence. Was Indeed, it is important that every child has an ambition to pursue as that alone can serve as a drive for academic excellence on that child’s life. I under a delusion?” The deeper the man pondered, the more depressed he became. “No, no! I can’t take any chances. Maybe what is written in the book is true.” Finally, he decided to get rid of his long beard. “What is the use of nurturing something that makes me look like a fool?” So, he grabbed his beard in one hand, and walked up to the place where the candle was burning. Then, closing his mouth tightly, he held the tip of his beard to the candle’s flame. It instantly caught fire and began to burn. “Eeeaaaaa!” the man screamed in panic; he had never expected that the fire would spread so fast. Before he realised what was happening, his beard and moustache were burnt to ashes. Then, a spark leapt up and landed on his head, causing the fire to burn the hair on his head as well. Hearing his cries, the neighbours came running. They splashed buckets of water on the man’s face and put out the fire. “How did it happen?” they asked. The man took a deep breath and said, “I read in a book that a man with a long beard is a fool. And indeed I have proved it!”

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