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C002D5556 Sunday

C002D5556 Sunday 08 April 2018 40BDSUNDAY Take a leap of fun every weekend! Did you know West Africa’s first Trampoline Park is located in Lagos Nigeria? Well, now you know! Upbeat recreation center has brought fun at every leap! It was launched on the 2nd of December 2017 in a bid to increase performance in sports; gymnastics in particular. It is a place where families or individuals have fun and also keep fit since trampolining is often said to be one of the most efficient and effective forms of exercise! In other words, jumping on a trampoline for one hour means you get to burn off 1000 calories! It is an exciting replacement for those who find jogging boring. If you are bothered about safety, not to worry, there are coaches available and a pair of ‘grip socks’ to wear are given after registration (at an affordable fee) to make those leaps seamless. It is also advised that you be in sporty outfits for this activity. They do not recommend jeans because it is not stretchy enough and could restrict movement. Asides the recreational aspect of Upbeat, there are also halls for events, a small go cart rink and a Johnny rockets food truck. It is definitely a great place to take yourself and kids. P.s – Eat AFTER jumping on the trampoline or taking part in any other fitness activity. EVENTS HAPPENING TODAY HAIR BRAIDING FESTIVAL Venue – Nike Art Gallery 2, Elegushi beach road, third roundabout, Lekki phase 1. Time – 1pm YARD SALE NIGERIA Venue – Sweet kiwi store, Admiralty way, Lekki Time – 11am – 7pm COLOUR AND JUMP Venue – Upbeat Center, 11, Admiralty road, off admiralty way Lekki phase 1, Lagos

Sunday 08 April 2018 C002D5556 BDSUNDAY 41 Banky W Becomes Uber’s First Brand Ambassador ful. My driver is an awesome guy.. and I wanted him to be able to earn more than just his salary & tips, so I got a small car and we put it on Uber, that way instead of him sitting around all day waiting for me while I’m in the studio, office, or on set, he can hit the road and generate income for us.. and then we split it at the end of In a long write up on Instagram, Banky W revealed that he is now the first ever brand ambassador of Uber Nigeria. Read the post below... “One of my favourite quotes is the one that says: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a meal. Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for life.” I believe very strongly in putting the people around me in a position to be more successthe month. It’s worked so well that I am now really hoping to continue to do this for more of the young people around me, as God gives me grace. I’m so excited and honoured to be @ubernigeria’s first Brand Ambassador. I genuinely love the service and I’ve been an avid rider for years – the convenience of it just made my life so much easier, home and abroad. I also love that it helps create employment for young people.. and I want to encourage more car owners, if they can, to use the service as a way to help more people around them and earn money on the side at the same time. And even if all you ever do is use an Uber as your designated driver when you’re out having drinks.. it makes too much sense. You should just #BankOnUber. I am, and I do #brandambassador Banky W Congrats Susu’s husband. Growing your personal savings on a monthly basis I was of the opinion that “please I can’t kill myself,” and a lot of people are still with this mind set. The world’s economy is going through a phase right now so saving money is pretty much one of the hardest tasks to do on earth, home and abroad. It took me many years to cultivate this habit, and eventually when I started I saw it’s usefulness. Truth is, at the beginning, I did it for 2 months, then blew the money. I tried again, this time using ‘ajo’ and once I got paid it went into thin air. And you don’t want to know how many more tries I had before getting it right, or atleast consistent. An average income earner takes everyday as it comes, struggling to save from the salary that comes in at the end of the month, or for some, at the 1st/2nd week in the new month. But I’ll like you to know that as difficult as it might seem, there are some simple ways you can start with, which will help you stay consistent and grow your savings over the days. In no particular order, here are a few measures I’ve taken to ensure my monthly saving is consistent… I have a thing I call SYB (Spoil Yourself Budget). I don’t joke with this part of my salary. Infact once my pay cheque is collected at the end of the month, this is one of the first things I subtract, because I don’t want to give myself a reason not to be happy or spend overboard. My SYB is 10% of my salary and no it’s not me eating my tithe. Plan your monthly expenses as far as your eyes and mind can take you. Yes expenses just pop up from nowhere, but you have an idea of how much you need to spend monthly on food, water, electricity and other major bills. So make a list (they always help), and be sure not to spend more than, only if you have unexpected contributions to make. Don’t make spontaneous financial decisions PLEASE! Have a salary ratio. You know what works for you so split it to the best of your capacity. Don’t save more than your expenses, you’ll just be deceiving yourself, because bills don’t go away simply because you ignore them. Make sure your margins are right, so that mid-month you won’t go running back to your savings. Side hustles are the new white angels. You just have to find something on the side to make that extra ‘mula’. You know how they say money is never enough? This is very true. If not, the likes of Bill Gates, Dangote and Mark Zuckerberg will be resting in their beds resting. The secret of this side hustle is, you get to reduce your expenses as you have less free time on your hands…lol… But really, when you make profits from your side, split it in two and save 50%. Then split the other 50% in two equal halves, spend one half and reinvest the other. Nothing pays better than an increased capital. Have multiple savings… Open different savings accounts to which you don’t have atm cards for. Have that wooden or iron piggy bank. You’ll thank me later. Those little 100 naira notes you use to gala everyday (N700 weekly, N3,000 monthly and N36,000 yearly), will go a long way in your boxes and accounts. Lastly, make up your mind to be consistent. No one will force you to save. You just need to understand the importance and need for it. Simple! For more information, check out

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