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International Tweens - First edition 2018

Real stories for multicultural kids to read, love and share.

Rodrigo deals with

Rodrigo deals with negative comments by walking away or trying not respond. Other times he may say, "Sorry for talking about my problem" and then leaving the person in peace. He doesn’t often experience people being negative, but he certainly does his best to give everyone a positive interaction. Whenever Rodrigo spots a friend who is feeling down, he reaches out. It’s not good to sit in a corner alone and hide. He finds it is important to have proper conversations and to always say something nice to people. Being a positive person means that he always sees the best in others. Like Olaf in the movie Frozen, Rodrigo enjoys giving hugs to his friends. It is not easy to get over the loss of a loved one. There will be times when you are sad and times when you are happy. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Be kind to yourself and believe that there are people who love you and people you might not even know who are praying from their hearts for your wellbeing. Rodrigo’s optimistic view of life is inspiring. To never lose hope doesn’t mean that you have to forget about what made you sad, but rather think of the future and work your way there one step at a time. Things will get better! You can send Rodrigo a message via the Tweens Forum @rodragonwing or write a letter to International Tweens and we will gladly forward it to him. As the morning comes after the night, darkness will not last forever. For those who are feeling sad right now, Rodrigo says, “When you feel down, so down, remember by moving on, it will help you to feel up and positive again." 10

When you feel down... There are ways to prevent a sad mood from sticking too long and growing too strong. Remind yourself that the sadness is not going to last forever. It can be hard to reach out when you feel down. Try to reach out even if you don't want to. A chat with a loving family member, teacher or friend can get your mind off the sadness and even sort out your problem. Remember to never blame yourself but look for ways to help yourself feel better. Do something that can shake off the sadness - make art, sing, or play a sport. When you start doing things to take care of your sadness, you are moving forward to be positive. The more you try the better you will feel.