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International Tweens - First edition 2018

Real stories for multicultural kids to read, love and share.

Stunt work may seem to

Stunt work may seem to be cool and fun when observed by outsiders, but Vincent says that it is a very risky job because stunt performers put their lives on the line. He takes comfort in knowing he can trust those around him. "It is not dangerous if you have a reliable team that you can trust and they will keep you safe," he explains. Vincent also stresses the importance of planning and doing a lot of rehearsals before the actual filming. Living out your passion demands hard work and determination. For Vincent, it means knowing he has to update his skills and commit to training constantly to stay healthy and fit. In order to be a good stuntman, he believes that skill, confidence, and experience are the three major keys. Adrenaline and excitement are what Vincent loves the most about his work. "I still remember the feeling when I jumped off the 100 ft cliff in the 2008 Tomb Raider movie." That event was the first exhilarating event of his thrilling career. Vincent also gets to travel all over the world to amazing locations. Moreover, in his job "you get paid to be fit," he announces with a big smile. 16

INTERNATIONAL Tweens For skill training, a quick Google search for "stunt school" will result in a list of various stunt boot-camps and workshops offered around the world for those who want to pursue this dream. These courses are usually for people who are over the age of 18. However, going to a school is not a requirement to be a stunt performer. In the United Kingdom, you must apply to the British Stunt Register to be legally hired. Each country has its own stunt union to grade and certify stunt performers. For those interested in stuntwork, Vincent suggests contacting your country's stunt association to learn what their requirements are, as every country is different. "Other than top physical fitness and flexibility, you need to know how to act, have good communication skills and be able to follow instructions," he adds. The toughest part of his job is being away from his family for lengthy periods of time. "Three to four months for me is a long period for not seeing the family," he says. Now, his dream is to spend more time enjoying life with his wife and two tweenage boys. We sincerely thank Vincent for inspiring us with his passion and amazing work. We wish he and his family all the happiness and good health.