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International Tweens - First edition 2018

Real stories for multicultural kids to read, love and share.

A success story When my

A success story When my parents showed me ugly images of bitten off nails to help me quit; it actually made me want to bite more. The ugly images gave me anxiety. We tried every solution! The moment when I honestly decided to quit biting nails was when I spotted a poster with nicely polished nails painted with my favorite colour. I remembered wishing to have that. I started by making a decision to stop biting my pinkie nails. When I saw the white rim growing out from them, they looked lovely! I couldn’t believe they were mine! I then stopped biting the nails on my thumbs, and pair by pair, I stopped biting for good. I also got a thumb ring to spin whenever I feel the urge to bite. Our school doesn’t allow students to wear jewellery, but my mother informed the teacher that it was a treatment for nail biting. Good luck! You can do it when you really make up your mind to have nice looking nails. That was how it went for me. EMMA Y, 13, U.K. 24

INTERNATIONAL Tweens A Tween's Diary ALL IS WELL AFTER I DELETED INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT... By Sofia Liu,15 ON MY TENTH BIRTHDAY, my parents finally let me create social media accounts on Snapchat and Instagram. I was really excited and quickly connected with my friends from school. At first, it was great because I was one of the first few in class that had social media. Some of the kids didn’t even have phones. Soon all my time was spent scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat, busy making #likeforlikes and #follow4follows.