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International Tweens - First edition 2018

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NAIL E P O R T F O R A R BITERS B Y A N A I L B I T E R I started biting my nails on my first day at preschool. It seems almost impossible to quit, but I know that I am not alone. By Hannah Awaad Why do we bite? Knowing why we bite our nails might not help us stop biting. However, being aware of why we do it can help us find other ways to deal with the actual problem rather than just chewing off our nails. The most common reasons we bite our nails are: > stress > boredom > anxiety What helps? There are many ideas out there, however, a perfect solution for everyone does not exist. What you should not feel like: A failure or loser. No one should be shaming you for your nail biting habit. If they would like to support you in quitting, a gentle tap when they see your finger in your mouth would be enough. Don’t feel awful about yourself just because you are a nail biter! Our family doctor said that nail biting is very common, especially among children. Many famous people were photographed by the media while biting their nails. Some are very lovely people, we will grow up to be just fine. What you should feel: You should feel a desire to have healthy looking nails. That’s a good starting point to start breaking away from the bad habit. 28

When someone told me that my beloved Queen of England was also a nail biter, I couldn't believe it, so I did a google search. And she really is! Oh, I love her more than ever! Tips to help: Coat the nails with chili paste or bitter tasting nail polish Gradually stop biting by setting up “no-bite” nails, and eventually leaving them all alone Trim the nails short and file them smooth Wear bandages to cover the nails Wear fake nails Find a replacement to keep your fingers busy: a stress ball, fidget gadget, or ring