3 months ago

International Tweens - First edition 2018

Real stories for multicultural kids to read, love and share.


EDIBLE CRAFTS Here comes the rainbow season! These collection of edible works of rainbow food art are too good to be true. They are inspiring for the eyes and stomach! Why not have a rainbow themed baking party? It is a great way to spend a lovely time with family and friends. 1. BREAD PAINTING Here is a way to brighten up your morning by painting your breakfast toast with the colours of rainbow. Click on each image (if you are reading the digital version,) or check Tweens Media's blog online for links to the original posts to learn how to make them! Ethan Smith 2. 2. RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE TOAST This is taken my favourite snack to another level! 30

INTERNATIONAL Tweens 3. RAINBOW PANCAKES The rainbow pancakes are amazingly easy to make. The only trick is not to burn them when they are on the pan. 4. RAINBOW CAULIFOWER CRUST PIZZA If you enjoy vegetables as I do, you would love this very much! 5. RAINBOW PASTA/ SPAGHETTI Say good-bye to plain and boring pasta... 6. RAINBOW CAKE ROLL I would love to have this beautiful cake roll for my birthday. How about you?