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International Tweens - First edition 2018

A positive magazine for every tween!

The Curious Three's

The Curious Three's Parents Mom She is constantly worrying and her favorite question is - what if...? Dad Clueless about modern technology; he gets frustrated with anything digital. 40

The Five Aspects of Creativity Observancy Able to see and locate problems; The Problem Finder. Fluency Ready to offer relevant ideas quickly; The Quick Thinker. Flexibility Able to generate ideas from different perspectives or angles; The Flexible Connector. Originality Able to create with one of a kind, never heard of before ideas; The Visionary. Elaboration Able to develop a detailed plan that focuses on the solution and makes progress; The Doer. Aspects: Dr. Wang, what is everyone doing here? We are publishing a brand new comic to help every child become an inventor! See you soon!