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International Tweens - First edition 2018

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WATER Saskia Ludlow

WATER Saskia Ludlow Cederblad, 13 CLEAR She is like water, clear to offer life Also tough enough to wash it away But sometimes she can let go of the knife Keeping herself gentle with a fresh spray She is like a sweet refreshing clear flow With different feelings, both warm and cold Follows stream with a beast, watching fishes glow Sometimes she wonders if it's uncontrolled Water captures the reflection of her years Through the long slow flowing roots coming at the end where it drops, making her stand with tears Towards this beauty, she sat with her cat Time off granted making window glass With this beautiful view and sight, she now has 46 44

Elements Gemma Pettersson, 14 I studied the girl carefully. Bronze skin, natural golden brown hair in gentle waves. Dark brown eyes, wide with shock and fear. She was thin but seemed healthy, her body curled up and pressed against the wall. The sunlight streaming in through the living room window only highlighted her tears. She was shaking her head and her body was trembling. I sighed. I had warned the others to go easy on her. Kidnapping her was the easy part, getting her to believe us was the problem. Who would trust a group of people that had taken her away from her home and brought her to a strange house? ’I don't understand.’ Ella walked towards me, eyeing the girl carefully, her blue eyes narrowed. ‘If Arthur- ’ 'That’s because she isn’t.’ Arthur walked into the room holding a plant, his light brown hair messy and his hazel eyes bright. ‘She isn’t Earth, not like me.’ I frowned, confused. ‘You see,’ he explained. ‘I control earth, literally. I have power over the ground. She doesn’t. Judging from what she did back there when we- well, took her, I’d say she controls plants.’ Ella and I stared at each other in disbelief. So there were more of us out there, with new and different powers. I shifted my gaze.