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International Tweens - First edition 2018

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If you can time travel

If you can time travel to anywhere and when, and to talk to anyone, what would be your choice? Why? Random Question Time! Laura S, 13. Poland I would go back in time to the time when Albert Einstein was alive. I would tell him that E=mc2 and explain it to him so that later when he gets the Nobel Prize, I get part of it. After that I will go back to the present time. Beau Natarelli, 12. U.S.A I would travel back to just before when 9/11 occurred and would talk to government officials, the police and the fire department about the attack ahead of time. I'm not sure anyone would listen to a 12-year-old kid, but I'd give enough details for them to take me seriously. This could save the hundreds of thousands of lives that were lost as a result of what happened on that day and afterwards. Ultimately, if I made sure people didn't die, that would mean a lot to me. Henry Hung, 11. Taiwan I'd definitely travel back to the moment before my grandpa had his accident. I would save him from falling. Then he would not die and would be happy to see that I am a better footballer now. Ronnie Carmel, 12. U.K. I'd travel back a long time ago to stop the creation of money. I think that money has not only separated society but also leads to fatality if in desperate need of it. Without any money, everyone would be equal with the same rights and the world would be restored to its former unpolluted state. Florian Debray, 11. United Arab Emirates To the Stone Age! I'd want to know how they were living and making tools. How did they hunt and what was their habitat like? But I don’t want to stay too long there because there is no Wi-Fi! 50 Answer our next Random Question - What is the least meaningful or useless invention that you can think of? Why? Email your answer to or fill out the online form at

A letter from Cambodia! Hello! My name is Sophea. I’m a senior student at ABC’s and Rice in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s a special school. Not because it’s an English school, but how many schools provide free education and more? Not many, right? ABC’s and Rice does. It’s been running since 2011. Students can be as young as three to as old as eighteen. The only concern that we as the students have is to study hard. There is breakfast and lunch for free, and you get study supplies when needed. Our classes are named after animals, such as Duckling, Monkey, Badger, Eagle, Lion, and Dragon. We also have a night class for senior students called Owl, which starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. The school even helps the students who can’t afford to go to government schools and supports them. Here we don't just learn English, but we also learn life lessons. Our school also supports students to go to university or takes short skill courses to help them achieve their goals. That's how much our school cares about us! The original letter ABC’s and Rice is really important for the unfortunate children in our society. ABC’s doesn't just help students to learn but supports students' families. They give jobs in the school, such as becoming staff and helps society to increase human resources. We have a small family at home, but at ABC’s and Rice, we have a big family! Thank you for spending your time to read my letter. I wish you happiness and good luck! Owl class /ABC’s and Rice School - Siem Reap, Cambodia