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International Tweens - First edition 2018

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I quit, I began

I quit, I began observing the people After me, and I saw that they’re in the around on the bus and train, my classmates, Strangers people passing me on the sidewalk — random trapped in this meaningless cycle of social they’re All they do, and all I used to do, was scroll media. not even processing the images, but not through, anything better to do—I can’t believe I was having spotted a guy taking a picture of his shoes and a I almost ran into him from the back because woman was also on the phone. I wanted to tell them she they looked like losers, literally. They were that out on the view of beautiful snowflakes losing from the sky. A really cute bulldog was just falling by. And OMG, what kind of a mother was walking a video of her baby crying? Cuddle your recording deleting most of my social media apps, life is After enjoyable. I feel free! Some of my favorite more a walk with my dog Taking books Reading to movies with friends Going on the bus (not on the bus, but in my Sketching book) sketch my homework (on time for once!) Finishing still have WhatsApp to talk to my friends, but I I feel like I am missing out from social media don't You know most of the time, the posts activities. only going on and on about silly stuff. (~_^) were OMG, what kind And a mother was of a video of recording baby crying? her same situation I had been in. one of them. baby! Cuddle your baby! things to do now are: Baking and cooking 54

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