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International Tweens - First edition 2018

Real stories for multicultural kids to read, love and share.


Tweens traveller story Destination: Trollstigen Norway Cindy Han from China, Age 13 & Angela (the furry one) Cindy Han I traveled with my parents and dog to Trollstigen, Norway. My father drove from the south of Sweden and two days later, we arrived. I do not know Norwegian but I know some Swedish and they are pretty similar. We could understand almost everything on street signs and packages for food. However, it was not as easy to have a conversation with local people, the pronunciation and notation were different. Norway is famous for its fjords - high mountains with rivers in between, and we hiked up one of them. 54

INTERNATIONAL Tweens The most memorable experience from Norway was probably when we hiked a mountain. It was grass and rocks in the beginning and later on, we could see snow. The best part was when we reached the highest point, and I would never forget in my whole life the beautiful view I saw. We even brought our dog with us. She was happy but she got tired very fast, we had to take turns carrying for almost half the hike! The whole hike took 9 hours to and fro. We didn’t do anything but rest in the cabin the day after. We stayed in Norway for ten days. I wouldn't mind going there every summer. Even if you don’t go hiking mountains, it's very nice to just be there. It really makes you fall in love with nature. It should be a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. One of the best things about Norway is that they have camping places almost everywhere, so you don’t have to live in hotels. I love camping and if you haven’t been in a cabin before then I highly recommend it. May be useful... I suggest that you learn a few Norwegian words, like: 'Where’s the bathroom?' 'How much does this cost?' 'Excuse me' and 'Thank you'. It's possible that you don't find any find English speakers in the countryside of Norway. It’s like having your own little house, you have your own kitchen, living room and bedroom. Cabins can be rented and are often located in very beautiful places, you only have to look out of the window to see the view.