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International Tweens - SPRING18

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THE STUNTMAN QUIZ Would you make a good stunt performer? Who is cool? A. Elvis Presley B. Vincent Wang C. Roald Dahl Truth or dare? A. Truth B. Dare C. I don’t like this game My favorite time in the amusement park is A. Merry-go-round /carousel B. The Devil Ride! C. Cotton candy and gift shop In free times, I love: A. Looking at my mirror B. Jumping, running and doing cartwheels C. Day dreaming stories When spot a shadow in the corner, you... A. Scream! B. Go toward it to find out what it is. C. Take a selfie and write a post. Find your in the next page! answer 20 INTERNATIONAL Tweens

INTERNATIONAL Tweens Would you make a good stunt performer? Your answer Mostly B: You were born to be a stunt performer! You love action movies and you’re a very energetic person. Sure, the actor gets the fame, but is that what you want? No, you don’t want to play it safe, you want action: fights, huge jumps, car chases—you get to bring that to life! When people go to the cinema and say how cool the action movie was, you’ll know it would not have been possible without you. Mostly A: You're the actor! You could be a stunt performer, you have loads of energy and you love action movies, but you’re not meant to be behind the scenes! You will still do some of the safer stunts, but you are destined to be the actor. You are going to play Spider Man or Wonder Woman and work with your stunt doubles to make the most awesome movie ever! Mostly C: You create movies! Action is not for you. It is cool to watch it on screen, but you don’t want to be the one doing it; that is totally fine because everyone has a different talent. A movie normally has a huge team behind it, and your skills will be an essential part of making the film's goal come true: you are the writer, the one who creates the amazing movie world, or you could be the one to draw and design the sets that bring the movie to life.