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International Tweens - SPRING18

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Styles debate by tween

Styles debate by tween fashion critics Wearable mottos, yes or no? Grownups should really think before they go making clothes for children - they use our resources and create waste on this already over-polluted planet. Are these words necessary to be part of the design? Summarised by Jamina P, 14 Your look is a statement that represents you. Make sure your outfit represents you in a positive way! "These graphic tees for kids are marketed as fun and humorous. I feel bad for those whose parents have bought these for them. Are they trying to encourage bullies, lazy bums, and obnoxious youths? Where's the fun in that?" - M.L, 13. 28 LEGGING:M&Co

INTERNATIONAL Tweens "Most kids are like me and just want clothes with simple designs that are comfortable to wear. To be honest, I think if you believe in the motto, wear it!" - M.C, 12 BAG: ZARA CAP: Accessorize "I like mottos and slogans on hats and socks. The T-shirts with words on them are made by designers who run out of ideas. Many words don't make sense to kids." - C. B, 9 "I'm personally not impressed by all the 'Girl Power' and 'Girls Can Do It All' slogans that I see everywhere, and I am a girl! If you believe that we are all equal, why constantly label who the one with power is? It's like adults have issues and they make kids be the messengers." - L.S, 13 "Adults make our clothes, but we are the ones choosing what to wear. I hope they will include our ideas. When they make tons of designs that we don't wear, they are wasted, and that destroys our environment." - A.MJ, 13 ORANGE TOP: M&Co LONG SLEEVE WHITE TOP:River Island Kids SNEAKER: Mango Kids RESTS: Aliexpress