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International Tweens - SPRING18

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TWEENS' POEMS & STORY Pure Heart Alexandra Z. 13 They say I've got a pure heart As pure as can be That I'm always full of love and care My heart is always free They say I soar like a bird I'm not chained to the ground But the secret to a pure heart Is to pray when you are down 44

INTERNATIONAL Tweens My Little Brother Beau Natarelli, 12 My mother says my little brother’s cute, but I wish he could be put on “mute.” She heaps praises on him like “clever”- His removal is my endeavor. My mother thinks my brother’s funny, But I think he’s a bit of a dummy. In my view, he’s somewhat atrocious Could it be that he’s got psychoneurosis? My mother claims my brother is delightful! Yet, when he and I are alone, he can be a bit spiteful. And even though she describes him as inquisitive, Her opinion of him is not quite definitive. In spite of all these negative thoughts, Without him, I’d feel lost. For my only brother is he, We are family, him and me. Illustration: Jefferey Yeh