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International Tweens - SPRING18

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Ethan was getting

Ethan was getting nowhere with the girl. If anything, he was making it worse. I shivered, recalling my first day. I had been taken too. Away from my home, my friends and family. I squeezed my eyes shut. It was dark. My body ached. I could hear people arguing. One female voice, two male. I struggled to move, but I was paralyzed. I started to panic, trying to scream. Suddenly, there was a bright light. Too bright. Faces hovered over me. A boy with light brown hair and soft hazel eyes, another with dark hair and striking amber eyes. A blonde girl with a worried face. They put me on a chair and gave me a glass of water, trying to get me to speak. I couldn’t. I was petrified. I went over to Ethan and shoved him away. It was no use scaring her. We needed her to trust us, to become part of the team. The girl looked terrified. I knelt down in front of her and gave her a soft smile. ’My name is Alex,’ I said. ‘We’re not going to hurt you. You don’t have to be afraid.’ She looked up at me, her lip quivering. ‘You’re here because you’re special,’ I continued. ‘Special like us.’ To Be Continued... 48

INTERNATIONAL Tweens Join us! WE ART CONNECTED Join the movement of "We Art Connected" by submitting your best work. Let's use art to spread friendly greetings to tweens around the globe! Sakith Lankeshwara, 15. From my home country - Sri Lanka Houdi Hung, 8. Magical Cats