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Black Genocide in Chicago - February 28, 2018 Edition of Chicago Street Journal.

Did you read this edition of Chicago Street Journal (CSJ)? It hit the streets in February and with the headline story "The Charge of Chicago Black Genocide" and it is still circulating throughout this city's communities. Call 773-595-5229 to be in the NEXT edition.


2 February 28 - March 13, 2018 Chicago Street Journal What do actress Danai Gurira and film producer Sidra Smith have in common? Besides the fact that they're both beautiful Black women, these trailblazers also traded in long locks for a bald head. Gurira's big chop was for the upcoming Black Panther movie while Sidra's signature look happened after a years-long obsession with hair extensions. So are Beauty Salons about to have Bald Head blues? Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson testified in Springfield in favor of new gun legislation, part of which is written and named in honor of slain 18th District Commander Paul Bauer. Many expressed who Chicagoans are heavy in mourn with the loss Commander Paul Bauer. Commander Bauer stood for the highest ideals of the police department and the city. Mayor Rham Emmanuel said his death is a tragic reminder of the dangerous duty the men and women of our police department accept to ensure the safety of us all. I ask every Chicagoan to keep Commander Bauer, his family, his friends and the entire Chicago Police Department in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time”. Rep. Ford Urging Governor to Reopen Vehicle Emission Sites Illinois State Representative La Shawn K. Ford is questioning if the Illinois emission program is still useful. On November 1, 2016, several vehicle emissions facilities closed in Chicago to reduce costs and streamline operations. Currently, this leaves Chicago residents driving to suburban cities defeating the purpose of cutting emissions. “This is absolutely a step backward in reducing the city's air pollution problem,” said Ford. “Many concerned citizens, including myself, wonder if the goal to reduce costs turned into a costlier toll on our environment. Emission testing is designed to protect the environment and not contribute to the problem.” The Federal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 requires emissions testing programs in large, metropolitan areas which do not meet specific federal air quality standards. In Illinois significant progress has been made, levels of air pollution in Chicago and Metro- East St. Louis areas still exceed these standards. “The closures of all sites in Chicago defeats the purpose of reducing emission, “said Ford. “Illinois' emission program seems to contribute to the carbon emissions that we are trying to prevent by having Chicago residents drive farther to get tests done.” According to the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law of 1995, The agency shall establish a program to begin February 1, 2007, to reduce the emission of pollutants by motor vehicles. The Illinois EPA’s study concluded that for residents of Chicago, many would drive on average an additional four miles. This is a significant change that will add to vehicle emissions, in direct contrast to the purpose of the Agency’s directive. Ald. Sophia King hosted a town hall to discuss the Michael Reese Development of Amazon Corporation. The town hall will featured a presentation with the latest updates on the development. The Alderman’s Advisory Council and presented what they have to say about the project moving forward and Community input. The benefit is the 50,000 jobs that Amazon has said it will bring to any city and employment and contracting opportunities directly with Amazon, and its the ripple effect to the Bronzeville community. Now accepting applications The Facebook Community Leadership Program: Applications are now open for our residency and fellowship. Facebook is looking for community leaders across the Facebook family of apps and services with a proven track record of leading communities that have positive impact, build common ground and foster in-person connections. The Facebook Community Leadership Program exists to empower and support leaders from around the world who have built meaningful communities through the Facebook family of apps and services. Both the residency and the fellowship come with training, support and funding. Up to five community leaders with the boldest, highest impact ideas will be selected from around the world as community leaders in residence with a grant of up to $1,000,000 USD each to fund their proposal. Up to 100 people will be selected as community leadership fellows and will receive a grant of up to $50,000 USD each to be used for a specific community initiative. Drug testing or screening for public assistance applicants At least 15 states have passed legislation regarding drug testing or screening for public assistance applicants or recipients (Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.) at least 20 states have proposed legislation. Some apply to all applicants; others include specific language that there is a reason to believe the (Continued on page 10) Continuing on hair: Jesse Jackson Jr. congratulations to Oprah Winfrey on her accomplishments and receiving the Cecile B DeMille award at the Golden Globes. Winfrey Midas touch, she want to keep. And not Gray touch up being President after four years. Could be the reason why she will not run. A journalist who theorized that many people in the United States are now in a state of "outrage fatigue." The scandalous behavior of the White House, the destructive policies and the torrent of tweets by Donald Trump are numbing many people. After all, the deluge of dishonor, hypocrisy and pernicious public policies can feel overwhelming. Emil Jones Jr. sadi J.B. Pritzker has shown “what he really thinks about black folks” Saying “He called me "crass," and referred to Secretary of State Jesse White as the "least offensive" candidate to replace Barack Obama. You see, he still thinks that Jesse White is offensive, but if he is forced to choose an African-American, Jesse White is least offensive to him. JB showed his true colors again four years later, when he called President Obama “mediocre”. Voters want an alternative to candidates who talk about African-American leaders as if we were pawns in their political insider enterprise. The P&E of CSJ is an artist, his work can be seen at the BOP Business Center on 79th Street. and the Center of 69tha and Emerald Real Deep, Hood Hip or Brother Hood was hooping around the business of Willie Wilson, that he is doing the right in the community and/or is he getting ready to run for Mayor of Chicago again. However, the is talk to drive a Westside 2019 Ford drive east on Madison Street to LaSalle Street. Syron Smith of the non-profit University Block Club organizations in in Atlanta, looks like they are in the money now-a– days. However, word is their block members from around the county has been giving $1 a month for its operations. In that last year they gave a young man of New Orleans a major Christmas donation. Vincent Gilbert Regional vice president of the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce has started communications with Black Wall Street Chicago in some operations for Black businesses. has been It is really true CSJ publisher and editor is really an artist as well. Oh was. Publisher and Editor: Ron Carter Associate Publisher Digital Sonja Cassandra Perdue General Manger John Alexander, Writers: Donnell Robinson, Frank Ottman, Sonja Cassandra Perdue Circulation: Clifton Edgeson, and Roosevelt Martin Photographers: Parthenia Luke, John Alexander Chicago Street Journal 815 West 63rd Street Chicago, IL 60637. E-mail: 773.595.5229 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at ChicagoStreetJournal Columbia University South Street Journal archive: Archived by Columbia University’s Urban Research Workshop (URW) , back issues from 1993 to 2006 of Chicago Street Journal’s predecessor, the South Street Journal, were donated to provide material for URW students to collaboratively research themes such as gentrification, racism, political affairs, and youth development.

CSJ Photo Parthenia Luke Wednesday, February 28, Citibank's Global Consumer Group George S. Wright Director of Community Relations for . Topic: The Economic Siege of Black America, 12:00 noon, The Black Star Project, 3509 South King Drive. Luncheon Includes: A presentation by Mr. Wright, Lunch provided by a Blackowned restaurant or caterer firm, Free admission to two college students. Members - $35.00, General Public - $45.00. RSVP to 773.285.9600 by 2/25/2018. March 3, Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks, A Fundraiser Hosted by Willalyn Fox and Stanley B. Stallworth 3:00-6:00 p.m. 3352 S. Calumet, Award Winning Bronzeville filmmaker, Shahari Moore, is raising funds to make her short film, "Brooks People" into a feature length documentary on G w e n d o l y n Brooks, titled, "Cool". Patrons will be treated to a private screening, food, drinks and a conversation with the director. Suggested Donation: $100.00 ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! RSVP to by Monday, February 26, 2018. To D o n a t e O n l i n e h t t p s : / / IFP Chicago, 2558 W 16th Street, STAGE 18, Chicago, Saturday, March 3. The Woodlawn Community Summit and South East Chicago Commission (SECC) host the 9 Annual Woodlawn Community Summit, with a community-driven theme A New Urban Mosaic, on from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Ad mi n i st r a - tion, 969 East 60th Street. This year’s keynote speaker is Melody Spann Cooper, chair of Midway Broadcasting Corporation a n d W V O N 1690 AM. Oth er speakers include representatives from the Jewel-Osco, Cook County Land Bank, World Business Chicago, local stakeholders, and business owners. Mattie Butler, Executive Director of WECAN (Woodlawn East Community and Neighbors), will receive the Annual Community Service Award for her dedication to the community. Saturday, March 10; Black Women in Business & Super Ujamaa Market· Hosted by Ujamaa Market and The Black Mall Holy Angels Catholic School, 750 E 40th St, Chicago at 11 AM - 3 PM March 10, CTC: Continuing the Conversation of Racial Healing in Northern Illinois. Racial Taboo: Film and Discussion 6 PM · McHenry County College · Crystal Lake March 10, Robotic & Veterans Resource Job Fair, Choice Career College 2250 E. Devon Ave. Suite 100 (lower level) Des Plaines, IL. 60018. This event is open to the public, but caters to Vets. For more information (including time) contact: Albert Alexander 773-407-8011. Saturday, March 10, Congresswoman Kelly To Host 5 th Annual Housing Expo Cong. Robin Kelly Housing Expo on from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, at Prairie State College, 202 S. Halsted St., Chicago Heights. Participants will learn about the Hardest Hit Program, the process of obtaining a loan, and improving your credit. First-time homebuyers will receive guidance and learn more about property taxes and tax cuts associated with homebuying. Agencies on hand to assist homeowners include Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), the South Suburban Housing Center, the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), BMO Harris and more. R e g i s t e r h t t p : / / For info, Alan Banks at (708) 6 7 9 - 0 0 7 8 o r a t March 14, Salsa at The Promontory Hosted by El Caobo Internacional The Promontory Chicago, 5311 S. Lake Park Avenue,t Mar 14 at 7 PM to Mar 15 at 12 AM, FREE EVENT! NO COVER! Chicago Street Journal February 28 - March 13, 2018 2 Obama Center's/Construction Team Hyde Park Herald: Formal president Barack Obama surprised many at the public meeting to discuss the plans and zoning application for the Obama Center at the McCormick Center In the pack room of many, outside of the meeting others still address the need for a Community Beneifit Agreement, that wanted assurance for no residents displancement and more than 51% of the contracts to build the center. Obama discussed the plans for the $300 million museum and center that will be built in Jackson Park, with private donations. Obama admitted still community inclusion is in the works with zoning application for the future Obama Presidential Center that will be housed in Jackson Park. Design elements for the Obama Center as well as the foundation's initiatives and programs was also discussed at the meeting. The gathering also served as an opportunity for the foundation to gather feedback from the public. The public meeting included an overview of current plans for the Obama Center with breakout discussions around topics including: Designing the Obama Presidential Campus: Buildings & Landscape. Inside the Obama Presidential Center: the Visitor Experience and P r o g r a m m i n g * E c o n o m i c I m p a c t * Chicago Park District's Plans for New Track and Turf Field * Chicago Department of Transportation Proposed Transportation Changes and improvements for Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Drivers". The Obama Foundations announced the team of diverse, local firms that will be partnering to help build the Obama Presidential Center. With this decision, their top priority was making sure to creating opportunities for local businesses and building pathways toward meaningful jobs for minorities and other underrepresented populations in the Chicago area. The Construction Manager for the Center will be Lakeside Alliance -- comprised of Turner Construction, and the Presidential Partners consortium of Powers & Sons Construction, UJAMAA Construction, Brown & Momen, and Safeway Construction. Powers & Sons, UJAMAA, Brown & Momen, and Safeway are some of the most established and well-respected African-American owned construction firms in Chicago. Jimmy Akintonde, President and Founder of UJAMAA Construction: "We've been around for 16 years in the South Side. We've been a growing business all the way t h r o u g h . " John W. Bonds, Jr., CEO of Safeway Construction Company: Ernest Brown, President of Brown & Momen Pamyla Brown, Director of Community and Citizenship of Turner Construction "We are right at the very front of the decision-making side of the process, of how the decisions are going to be made. That's not always normal. That's not something we're used to seeing, especially when you have grown up a medium-sized business. These are the opportunities you need to take your business to the next level." Pamyla Brown, Director of Community and Citizenship of Turner Construction: "To have this kind of project happen in such a great city, it magnifies the pride that people in this Jimmy Akintonde, President and Founder of UJAMAA Construction city already have." "Having this particular project come to this community will show the rest of the city: We do exist. This is who we are. This is who we have always been. We just wanted a chance... This project will bring some much needed positive attention to this p a r t o f t h e c i t y . " "This is our opportunity to see what hope really looks like. This is hope personified." John W. Bonds, Jr., CEO of Safeway Construction Company: (Continued on page 7)