Black Genocide in Chicago - February 28, 2018 Edition of Chicago Street Journal.


Did you read this edition of Chicago Street Journal (CSJ)? It hit the streets in February and with the headline story "The Charge of Chicago Black Genocide" and it is still circulating throughout this city's communities. Call 773-595-5229 to be in the NEXT edition.

6 February 28 - March 13, 2018

Chicago Street Journal

Let's Talk Purity

By: The Pure Prophet

(Prophetess Stefaniq’ue Tillis)


lack history dictates that slaves stood in

droves peering at the horrendous beatings

of other slaves considered to have

misbehaved. Slaves didn't necessarily care to

observe what was happening, but were commanded

to look at what has now become a

damning chapter in American’s treatment of


Though those considered sub-servants had

numerous opportunities to flee the plantation,

they could have by reason of their numbers,

forcibly intervened to halt the historical lynching's

and beating! However, fear would grip

their hearts and no stop-gap measures ever happened!

Some slaves

thought of fleeing the

disasters they knew

would eventually come,

but opt-out for fear of

direr consequences.

Even with the Slavery

Abolition Act of

1833, some in white

America continues to

repeat horfying events of

America’s past failures.

According to Walter

Hawkins, slaves constantly

talked about the

possibility of escape:

"There arose in some an

irrepressible desire for

freedom which no danger

or power could restrain,

no hardship deterred, and

no bloodhound could

alarm. This desire

haunted them night and

day; they talked about it to each other in confidence;

they knew that the system which bound

them was as unjust as it was cruel, and that they

ought to strive, as a duty to themselves and their

children, to escape from it".

Slave-overseers, often would quote the scripture:

“Have confidence in your leaders and submit

to their authority, because they keep watch

over you as those who must give an account. Do

this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden,

for that would be of no benefit to you.” Hebrews


Some political hypocrisy, yesterday and today

are truly non-believers, bible toting individuals,

who with long prayer and quoting portions

of scripture tongue-in-cheek, is only to benefit

their own hidden purpose! These mimic ’blacked

-face’ politicians represent 21-Century Slaves

with an agenda that they themselves are not fully

aware! Foolishly, they are recklessly obstructing

and doing the bidding of those ‘masters’ who for

the love of filthy money seek only to accomplish

the demise of the underprivileged.

ts important to note that the 13th Amendment

stated: "Neither slavery nor involuntary

servitude, except as a punishment for crime

whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,

shall exist within the United States, or

any place subject to their jurisdiction." However,

to date even the law of the land has not prevented

evil hearts to discriminate in the United

States of America.

Many of the despicable events of days we

would like to honestly forget, we are reminded

of those critical sounds coming from the various

Chicago communities … voices of the hopeless

crying because of the needless hunger along with

various matters that are unheard by the powersthat-be.

Enslaved Chicagoans are suffering at the

hands of those field-auctioneers that sit in seats

of authority on the Chicago’s 5th floor.

Education: Its terrible to utter the closing of

50 public schools in the city of Chicago, where

crime is rampant. This proves without any doubt

that education is not a priority

in a city where youth

have to now cross gang-turf

to get an education! Why?

Let me tell you why: Education

brings about an awareness.

Awareness brings on

the ability to think. When

youth can think...they then

can prayerfully make rational

decisions. Who wants

youth to an ability to think,

especially when its more

lucrative for them to remain

stupid! Who will be the

benefactor of the lack of

knowledge: Jails and Prisons

are a multi-billion dollar

industry! The proven fact is:

It cost less to educate than to


If Chicago would educate

well, it wouldn’t have to


Black History ought to have taught the

massive of blacks to the point of understanding…

we can’t get stuck on stupid! We can’t go

back to the original theory of which the plantation

was created! Ah, but many are trying to do

just that! Revisit the stats concerning the justice

system and therewith to find that it is: The

Criminal Just Us System.

What could happen if the black tax payer

decided to flee from the oppressors?

Without question, people of voting age are

capable of shifting a misguided political administration

from its wrong ways to mastering rightfully!

I beg of the youth that were educated under

the sound of my voice… don’t be as slaves in

the historical yesterdays who stood idly by allowing

other humans to be slaughtered… they

could have escaped… and so can you! Escape

the perils and detriments that lie in wait for all

deprived humans. Denounce the theory that I’ve

got mine—you get yours, which is an attitude

carried from century to century by the have and

the have-nots. And I think we know who had the

upper hand! VOTE!

by Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of Probation

Challenge—The Truth


Prophetess Stefaniq'ue Tillis is the founder of Purity Reigns International Ministries

which operates in Houston, TX. She is a 25 year old virgin

that is waiting to meet Her ordained mate that she can serve GOD with.


ften times in the Christian

faith when the word Purity is

spoken we think sexual Purity,

however during my walk

of Purity I always say we must be Pure in

mind, body, and spirit. And I assure you

that statement will reign True daily.

I began my journey of Purity before I

truly understood


sexual Purity

was. That journey

began with

a discovery

that birth a

depth of hunger

and desire

to live according

to the word

of GOD. At a

very youthful

age (age 5) I


many different

living circumstances



and children. I

realized there

were homes

with single


(mostly mothers),

step parents

(where the

step parent(s)

helped care for

children that

were parented

by both parents

and any children that were parented

previously by either parent), there were

also children that were parented outside of

the home. After discussing this with my

siblings, I told my Mom that I was having

all of my children by one man. I also began

declaring that that man would first be

my husband.

Today this is still my daily declaration.

A declaration is a statement or proclamation

that you make; normally in accordance

with the word of GOD in the Christian

faith. I encourage you to begin making

declarations over your life, your family,

your health, your finances and etc.;

even now whether you are single, married,

a parent, an expectant parent, working, in

between jobs, or in the job or career field

that you like.

I also continuously make declarations

over my mind and

my spirit to stay

guarded. Though I

still live a fun and

balanced life, I'm

careful of what

events, conversations

and relationships

I partake in.

Being careful of my

words, surroundings,

and friends helps to

shape an atmosphere

that is conducive to

GOD's favor and


Keeping my body

pure has come with

a Grace from GOD

that I value and respect.

As an African

American female

I believe it's

important to your

confidence to like

what you wear,

however you

should look graceful

and polished


I encourage you to

begin reading the word of GOD and find

scriptures that will help your current situation

and begin declaring that over you to

begin your steps of Purity. Though we

may all have a ways to go in our journeys

we must remember every journey begins

with a step.

Contact her via e-mail

if you have any questions.

No Matter What

The Test May Be

God Will Take

Care of You


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Hall, Pastor

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