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My proof- diary 1

an amazing time.

an amazing time. Redescovering ourselves again with help from our son. We don't want to hurry things, not to make promises. We prefer to play “Pick a boo!” with Isak and heal ourselves with his amazing laugh. (now they have a bond or sth... #notjealous)

Day 5 If it;s one thing that I've learned till now from my son it's that it feels amazing to be yourself and to be able to fall and rise back. I know that I said I'm going to do it all by myself, but the true is that I realised we are all humans and all making mistakes. I wasn't planning to be a young mom. But I'm planning to be a good one, to make everything for Isak. I tried to make sure that I can do it alone: I have an appartment, I have a good job, I'm still learning how to cook, how to study properly, how to became an adult. And I realised we are all connected: parents with children, brothers with sisters, friends and so on. And even the couples who broke up are still connected. For my son I tried to fix those connections, so that Isak could meet his grandparents and his father. If someone is not prepared to be a part of our life, it's ok, but at least I know that I've tried. Now we are still learning how to become a family without fighting for who's right/ wrong. Logan knows how to change a dipper and he is getting well with Isak. He's thinking about moving back to our little town and finish the studies here. We are incredibly honest with each other. He's not my boyfriend anymore, but now he's my baby father and my friend, and we don't want to mess it up again. My parents make real sacrifices to come to visit me once a week, they love Isak and are ready to understand that times are changing and so are the people.

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