8 months ago

My proof- diary 1


NOT GIVE UP. NOT TODAY. AND MAYBE NOT TOMOROW. I'm living in the old appartment that my grandma' left me after she died. It's not important the city where I live, because it's small but quiet, not important the college where I study. In this old and cute little appartment, my five month old son, Isak and I are going to live the story of our life. Not perfect, but enogh. He just fell asleep and I have to go to bed now, tomorrow I will have an interview for a job at the library where I was volunteering till last year when everything changed. Hope both of us will be healthy and have the strenght to succeed. (source: @Pinterest :)) - No, really, that's my child)

Day 2 Isn't such a stupid thing that people come to the library just for common homework? The nowaday generations (with a few

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