7 months ago

My proof- diary 1

Day 3 (which is not

Day 3 (which is not actually Day 3, but don't be sad) Soooo, I jumped over the last two weeks, it was really stressing and not cool at all. I had to study for all the semetrial exams and hope I'm gonna pass it, or my son will be very sad to know that he listened to all the biology lessons for nothing. I wrote an email for my mom, but it's still in “to send”. It's not easy to put up your big girl pants when you want to tell your mother you are a mother too now. I send a long email to Logan, told him about the baby and about how my life changed wthout him to know it. Told him that I'm sorry we have to break up and him never knew about all the things going on, it's not easy. I want for Isak to have also a father part of his life, so I confessed him all the things I was forced to keep for myself until now. I think he saw it, but he didn't respond it. Hope he was having a heart attack or some good reasons to ignore my son, or I'm going to murder him. ( probably the mood of the month #great)

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