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Day 4 (which is at

Day 4 (which is at almost one month since we talked last time, nvm) It's not like I don't have already a baby to take care of, now I have to handle my mom too. Although appreciate all the weeping sessions and the “how could you not tell me that you are all alone in this?!” kind of screamings, and also that she wants to stay with me for a while and reconnect our family. My father came last weekend and we all had a crazy time. Dilara told me we are really damaged and it will take time, but this time if it's not working we are going to try again and again. NOT GIVE UP Logan replied to my mail after a week: “Is this a game or sth?” I answerd him properly: “Not at all. CALL ME ” On Sunday morning he was on my door, looking like he was running from England to my appartment, which it was really fun. We discussed about a lot of things, about the past and just a little about future plans. It was hard to discover what about the present; he was amazed by our little baby and couldn't hug him at the beginning because he was shaking like hell :)) We tried to understand how we are feeling about all that happened, we haven't spoken in a while and it was not that simple to pretend that we didn't become strangers at some point. We had

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