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My proof- diary 1

exceptions) are no

exceptions) are no longer interested in books and it's a sad thing, but I'm not in the possition for judging. Actually, I'm in the possition to welcome them, help them find the books and then, at the end of the day, clean it all, put everything at the place and go home at my baby. I have a lot of good news. I'm having a job, not an expensive one, but still a job, and my father tries to send me some money till I can handle the whole situation. Isak and I are really good friends, he enjoys hearing me reading the books for the exams and loves to spend some time with Dilara, my turkish friend from university (who accepted me with a child at almost 20 years old and wanted to babysit him- and her prices are really cheap). And just because I want to make it clear, I'm gonna tell you how everything happened (but also because Dilara told me that I would feel better to share my story). Short story: me and this guy fell in love in the first year of highschool, it was magical, it was epic and then it was us + a baby. I discovered about it after the graduation, and it was a little bit too late to say that I could give up on him, but I could give up on my boyfriend when he left to study in England. I was living alone, my parents are divorced since I was four, I was used to care of myself until this one, so I chosed the parent who wasn't going to kill me. I called my dad, I explained the situation and we planned to give the baby to addoption, but it was impossible for me to give up on Isak afer the second I saw him.

One of my other friend says that I should try to communicate with the father of my baby because he has the right to know the little one and to be part of our lives. Anyway, me and Isak are fine with or without anyone here, in this little univers full of books, music, arts, cartoons, dipers and baby oil.

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