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Feast Bay Area Morning Bulletin for Apr 8, 2018

Overcome Family Worries Series Talk 1: Homesick

Camping Out with Jesus 2

Camping Out with Jesus 2 Youth Speaks Bene Sanchez, 18, Light of Jesus Youth Mission youth leader My stint with the youth ministry has been some of the most incredibly fruitful and rewarding time of my life. I think for the most part, young people want to be found and are all trying to find a meaning to their existence. I’ve seen a lot of dysfunctional young people, who don’t know what they want to do with their lives simply because their identity is built around achievement or what their friends or parents think of them – resorting to using grades or fleeting words as basis for their worth. No wonder many young people are suffering from depression or wandering aimlessly. Loved Because I Am His When I first joined Light of Jesus’ Summer Camp, also called Camp Calye, I had no idea what to expect. But for the first time in my life, those crazy people successfully got into my head; that there is a God who has been working for my good, even before I was born, even before I got a chance to prove to Him that I was worth His time. They explained to me that God loves me. Not because I was a moral person, or because I was rich and famous. But because I was His child. There’s no striving for grace before God. Like a lost orphan, I was found. It’s a simple message. But you’ll be surprised how many young people have never wrapped their heads around this concept. Mostly because nobody has ever shown them anything beyond lip service. My leaders, they were committed to me. Committed to my growth. Even after the camp, as I started joining the weekly activities and the training programs, it was all for one cause – to walk with me into a deeper relationship with Jesus, this God who was solely committed to me and to the rest of humanity. (That’s a long sentence, and I hope they don’t edit that line out, because I believe there’s no other way to put it.) They didn’t just give me lip service. They made me feel I belonged. An Invitation Worth is not established by a certificate, but by the Cross. Jesus’ Cross proves His commitment to His people, even to His dear young people, that they are worth dying for. All the sin and shame they’ve gone through, whether from the people around them or the suffering they’ve caused for themselves, Jesus has already Bene is the first son of Bro. Bo and Sis Marowe Sanchez. Above: Bene (right) plays the drums during praise and worship at Camp Calye. brought it with Him to the grave, and allows us to find new life in His resurrected being. Jesus is inviting His youth into a personal relationship with Him. It’s going to be my sixth year in our Summer Camp and I’m honestly excited. It’s the same message, but never the same people. Even the people who go year in and year out come into camp with new struggles, but leave with fresh reassurance that Jesus is with them despite their suffering. And of course, there’s always another young person who has never heard of this message, or never believed it because they never saw it in practice. Our doors are always open, just like Christ’s arms. This youth ministry has helped me find my worth. And my prayer is that more young people will come to know Christ, so that when they do enter their colleges, the workforce or whatever exciting new chapter of their lives, they will do so as emotionally and spiritually mature people who bring Christ’s light to the world. My Mission I feel like I haven’t achieved much. Nothing the world considers an achievement, that’s for sure. But I believe Christ achieved something six years ago. He’s gotten into my head how much He loves me. And every day, I’m so proud I get to tell people about Christ’s achievement on the Cross to everyone I meet. I’ve been found. And I won’t stop finding other people who need to know that they don’t need to be lost. Want to join the LOJ Youth Ministry? Check out or message Bene directly at

“Susundin kita Lord kasi mahal kita. Faith is not about knowledge but obedience; a pledge of love even without complete understanding.” –Fr. Raprap Del Rosario Jesus, our Rock To succeed in life, Bro. Bo Sanchez says that we need to struggle and make an effort. At the same time, we need to hang on to Jesus, our firm foundation. ◀ ▲ Bro. Bo Sanchez and Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle lead thousands to celebrate Grand Easter Feast 2018 at the SMX Convention Center. ▲ Feasters join Deeper Holy Week Retreat on Holy Thursday and Good Friday at the SM MOA Arena. Scenes from Holy Week For more DEEPER photos visit our Light of Jesus Family Facebook page. “ Paano tayo magbigay sa Diyos na nagbibigay sa atin nang buong-buo at lahat-lahat? Am I giving my all or giving more? “ –Bro. Alvin Barcelona, FBA District Builder RECAP Gospel Reading According to John 20:1-9 The Resurrection “Who runs your life?” – Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle If Jesus runs your life, you will always run to Him. Easter is about running the race so that you may attain the prize – a life in Christ. We journey with others, helping them and not trying to get ahead. “We are not insignificant. We are great.” –Fr. Steve Tynan Big Message: Go deeper. Sometimes, like the disciples in Luke 5:4 who were not able to catch fish, we also experience lack financially or in different areas of our lives. Why so? Because we only fish in shallow waters. When the disciples went to deeper waters as Jesus instructed them, there was a great catch. Because they obeyed. To go deeper, you need something stable to hold on to, a strong foundation. People will fail you – no matter how good they are. Hold on to Jesus. He won’t fail you. He is your strong foundation. We are beyond what we can imagine ourselves to be. If we stand beside God and see how big He truly is, there is nothing to fear. Nothing is impossible with Him. His goodness is inexhaustible. Make Him the center of your life so you can go to dangerous waters. With Him, the big catch will come – real peace, real happiness, and real fulfillment. 3

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