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It was this postcard

It was this postcard which sparked the idea for a family holiday. April felt disappointed at this news and looked at the postcard pinned to her bedroom wall, next to drawings that her sister had plastered across the wall, April did this for hours. Usually April played with the other occupants of the house whilst the adults carried on going to work and Daisy looked after everyone. As time went by, the house seemed to become smaller as Betty and her children were taking up more space and seemed to be making the house their own. The homely curtains had been replaced with old brown rags which always creeped April out and the wall which once proudly presented a family portrait had been moved to make room for Mary’s dream catcher for when she decided to have a nap in the room. Things got worse and the arguments started with the girls, Daisy and Betty were under each other’s feet, and seemingly fighting for John’s

attention. John came home tired from work and did not want to listen to the arguments so he often went out back to listen to his radio. May and her sisters did not like the way things were taking place and told their mum that it was truly upsetting them. Daisy felt trapped and needed to sort this out. One night when all was quiet and April was sat with her mother and father, the conversation of the neighbours arose. April’s parents often spoke about private matters around April as they believed her to be too young to understand what they were speaking about. Daisy had asked John if it was time to send them home. April could sense that her mother had been nervous to speak of this matter to John and was anxious for his reply. “Let’s just wait a while and see, we can never be too sure that Bill won’t come back.” He replied in a serious but caring voice. April assumed it was time to sleep went up the stairs 8

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