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Chapter 10 William’s

Chapter 10 William’s Terror April, now sweet 16, had one or two boys after her. She was shy and bashful with a pretty smile and she had a good figure: boys would whistle and shout to her and her friend, they shouted “’ere comes Jane Russell”. April and her friend went everywhere together, they went to a café where a lot of people often went to meet up. It was a nice meeting place; one young man sat on his own in particular. April’s friend spotted him and told April “He keeps looking at you, isn’t he handsome? Speak to him when we pass by him.” April agreed, so as they walked by -April feeling rather bashful- said “Excuse me, have you the time please?” This young man named William replied “Yes, it is 8:30,” They giggled and went running to the fish and chip shop across the road. When they came out William was waiting and asked, “Can I walk back with you?” April agreed and replied: “With both of us you can,” So he pinched a chip

52 and they all walked together. When they arrived home, he asked to meet up again. April said yes on the condition that her friend could accompany them, so William smiled and said yes that’s fine. They continued to meet up for a few weeks along with some of Aprils other friends. And William became apart of the friendship group. They all enjoyed outings as a group, as well on a few occasions just the three of them. William was a shy young man, he lived with his foster parents Mr and Mrs Green. William wasn’t very happy at home. He had a hard time at the age of three when he was taken from his parents by the courts as they couldn’t afford to feed him. He was put into the work house with his sister. After a few months, he was then taken to his foster home. His sister was taken to another place. Mr Green liked to have parties which resulted in William always being sent to his room and told to be quiet. They also locked him in the cupboard and he was also beaten and told he was a naughty boy if he spoke out of turn. Yet when they went out he was dressed smart and looked as if he was well looked after in eyes of the public. He was scared and thought that no one loved him, he was suspicious of other people and always sat alone in the café.

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