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So, the tea turned into

So, the tea turned into a celebration with music and laughter. The celebration went on into the evening and concluded at ten o’clock. William left, and the family started one by one to go to bed. April lay awake for most of the night imagining her dream wedding and thinking about William. William walked home whistling a happy tune and with a spring in his step. Not quite believing his luck that he had found the love of his life and thinking about the people that had made it possible. For the next few months April and William felt joyous and enjoyed their outing together and spoke about their future. April’s friends were extremely excited and felt happy for April. Although Williams foster parents weren’t so pleased and often told him that he was wasting his life and that he shouldn’t be tied down at an early age. One day April found out she was pregnant and told William. He said, “Do not worry, we will make a date for the wedding and let your father know,” Consequently, the next day, both April and William arranged to meet John after work to tell

58 him about the pregnancy and that they would like to marry as soon as possible. They met at Johns house for tea as usual and told john the news. John was happy about this news and so they arranged a date at the registrar. And decided that if they were to marry they should plan their living arrangements following the wedding. As the weeks went by William, now a little more confident, decided to leave home and live with Mrs Green’s sister, Mrs Ellie, he rented a room in her house with shared bathroom and kitchen. He asked her if April could live there once they married and she said yes. As Mr and Mrs Green were not approving of the wedding and didn’t want to hear about it, William never returned and in turn never received an invitation to the wedding. Planning the wedding was hard as neither family had much money. They decided on a simple reception in the home of Mrs Ellie. who had agreed to prepare a tea along with May and Jenny’s help. William purchased Aprils clothing for the wedding and had also arranged for one of his friends to be best man.

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