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April said “I am sure

April said “I am sure we can do this. I will have a chat with William tonight.” April happy with this she couldn’t wait to tell William. The next day April informed William of this arrangement and he agreed. they were happy to do this and move away from Mrs Ellie. April called in to see Margret the next day to tell her that her family was glad of this arrangement, although Mrs Ellie was not too pleased as she would not have rent anymore. But was accepting of the move. A few weeks to sort things and then off they went to their new home. It was a small house attached to a farm house. There were a private yard and outside loo. From the front there were a long drive up to the farm itself, opposite the front is a high wall and behind it is the Sunday school. The lady in the farm house knew of April and was glad to see her. Her name was Mrs James, a big bonny lady. She was due to have her second baby and she had a young girl named Rosy. Her husband had left her months earlier. So,

66 her brother whom everyone called ‘Uncle Bob’ moved in to help her on the farm. After a time, they all settled down getting to know each other. And April could imagine Roy growing up here and being able to enjoy his life.

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