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A few months on April

A few months on April found she was pregnant again. May would meet up with April and they would go on nice walks together, chatting about old times, very often they would see their dad in the café. It was on one of these walks that May informed April that she was also pregnant with her first child. Both April and May were excited about this as their children could grow up together. The walks continued but, in the pregnancy, April couldn’t go as far or as often. April now full term and was having contractions, the midwife called in and said “you will be fine ‘till I call in tomorrow,” Later that evening, April told William to fetch the midwife as the pains are very close together. William jumped on his bike to fetch the midwife, April went upstairs to get the bed ready, it was dusk, and she had put Roy to bed in the next room. She lay down waiting for them to come back, the moon was shining, and a cool breeze blew the curtains. April was all alone but felt at ease and relaxed, then suddenly she needed to push, and the baby was born. All alone April managed to clean the baby’s face and lay the baby by her side, then she heard Mrs James shout up to her, April shouted “The baby is born, put hot water on,” Then the midwife came running upstairs she said everything was fine. Mrs James came upstairs

70 with towels and a bowl of water, the midwife bathed and dressed the baby, just as William came back puffing and panting as he had quite a way to travel on his bike. William ran upstairs so happy, “it’s a girl!” April cried, they all settled down with a nice cup of tea. The baby had dark curly hair and olive complexion, they named her Patsy ann. May moved home later that year. It was quite a good bus ride away, but that did not matter April always managed to see her. April and William very often stayed over at May’s house, so they could enjoy time together. It was a lovely place where they live and lots to do. A few weeks later May had had her first child, they had decided to name him Ken. Mrs James’s brother loved children, he told them to call him uncle Bob, he was funny and was a gentle type of person. Bob had a sheep dog ,her name was Timber, she was a very loyal dog and very good with children. They also had a big shire horse on the farm, the work on the farm was so busy, the milk churns would be rolled down to the bottom of the lane for collection.

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