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issue 11

issue Online News & Topics for Cradley,Storridge & Mathon asking the questions you want asked and seeking the answers you deserve Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6&7 Page 8 Page9 Page10 Page11 Page12 in this issue Road repairs at last! Where is the money? Grumpy George How a Parish Council should work What is going on in our PC? Wrongs and Wrongs A fairy tale? Worth 1000 words Notices Quicky Questions Useful information Oh ! Goodness me! Issue 7th April 2018 From The Editor 11 It seems that some do not like the truth that appears in the Enquirers pages and as per our freedom of speech comment in issue 10 feel they have the right to attempt to deny it to anyone they don’t agree with. Firstly they “ have a word” with the CMS no doubt reflecting the comments of the chair of the PC (later in this issue) then they inform the Village Hall where they should and should not place notices and make unfounded accusations against one of the volunteers at the hall. Incredible, and reflects the tactics of those who didn’t think those who opposed the HOV scheme had any right to any other opinion than those who supported it. Issue 1 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 ENQUIRER VIEWINGS 23rd Feb 18th Feb 27th Feb 3rd Mar 10th Mar 1695 3702 1576 2123 1026 Issue 9 18th Mar 629 Issue 10 28th Mar 286 THE ENQUIRER, A NEW DAWN FOR OPEN COMMUNICATION IN CRADLEY, STORRIDGE AND MATHON Well this type of thing just confirms that the Enquirer is right on target with its comments and exposure of facts that some do not want you to know The PC will vote on registering Cradley Butchers and Stores as an asset of community value at the meeting on 10th April as proposed by Geoff Fielding Well done councillor ! So, let us have your news and views on anything in Cradley, Storridge and Mathon, no matter how controversial (just remember our conditions). Just email us or click on the contact button in the menu. We don’t require your name, address, blood type and a letter from your Mom to put your opinions forward and we will not require you have your name broadcast with your opinion or question This is YOUR community.

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Issue 11 • July 2016
Issue 11: A Dose of High