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issue 11


A GUIDE TO A PARISH COUNCIL RE-PRINTED BECAUSE SOME STILL DON’T GET IT OR CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT Parish Council Elected members bound by their code of conduct and statutory obligations to carry out duties and decisions on behalf of the community Elect Parish Chairman Is elected by the Council from within their ranks to Chair meetings of the council. The Chair carries the power of a casting vote in votes by the council Inform & Advise Working groups & committees Formed by council to work on specific items under consideration or to have delegated powers of decision making and spending Finance: Set budgets and precepts Employment: Set & monitor employee matters Planning: Investigate and advise on planning matters Communications Group: Investigate & advise on Communications NDP Group: oversees the implementation and effectiveness of the NDP etc. etc. Instruct Inform and Recommend Decide & Instruct Liase Other Bodies Parish Clerk Employed by the council to be their officer to implement Parish Council decisions, advise on procedure and legal matters and if the finance officer, to keep and monitor the PC accounts and ensure that budgets are met. Also to minute meetings and prepare agendas and information for councillors to be kept informed Inform THE PARISH COUNCIL ARE AT THE CENTRE OF THIS UNIVERSE NOT THE CLERK NOR THE CHAIR AND DEFINITELY NOT OUTSIDE BODIES Request Provide Information Information Hereford Association of Local Councils HALC subscription paid advisory body

WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR PARISH COUNCIL? In the April edition of the CMS newsletter appeared a report from councillor Wynne Harries on the meeting of 13th March or statementgate as it is becoming known. Now this is supposed to be a more informative report than the official minutes of the meeting. Unfortunately this report strayed away form being a factual and sometimes humorous view of what can be rather dry proceedings. release. The CMS has a policy of NOT printing such personal comments and has rejected many items of such personal opinion. It appears that this was a blatant attempt by this PC member to get HIS personal opinion into circulation. We understand that the CMS has received several complaints on this matter and we will keep you posted. Mr Harries opened with a direct attack on councillors who he accused of being totally responsible for the Clerk’s resignation. Those of you who have read issue 10 will have had the facts available to see how prejudice and unsubstantiated this is and how it can only be construed as a blatant attempt to move the blame for the resignation away from those who WERE to blame. As such an insertion would require the authority of the chair to appear we will leave you to make your own minds up. He then proceeded to produce a final paragraph that had noting to do with events at the meeting and used the CMS to make public his own personal feelings in an official PC To Mr Harries, this is unbecoming of someone in your position and totally contrary to your signed up principles. The Enquirer will always welcome your comments and give them more viewing than the CMS Newsletter if you feel the urge again. We will be looking into whether this is a matter for the Monitoring Officer at Herefordshire Council to be involved We would hate to see you have fall on your sword again Mr Harries. Especially as you had no authority to post the piece in the first place WHAT HAS CRADLEY PARISH COUNCIL DONE FOR THE COMMUNITY SINCE JAN 2018? STILL NOTHING!

Issue 11 • July 2016
WINFO Issue #11