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issue 11

Once upon a

Once upon a time…….there was a small hamlet to the west of the Kingdom nestling in beautiful countryside where the people went about their daily toil with an innocent smile upon their faces despite being taxed unfairly. We say unfairly because the big man took the taxes but only gave the hard working people promises of what he would do in return. There arose in the hamlet some wise men who told the king that he could forget his promises that he had broken year after year and that the people of the hamlet would fend for themselves, Well, the king wasn’t very happy about this as you might expect but agreed to go along with their request knowing full well that they would make a hash of it and come running back to his protection. Now as said these were indeed wise men who set about using the King’s taxes to make their hamlet better for all who lived there, And for years the people of the hamlet were pleased with being self sufficient and having their needs look after by themselves. Their roads were repaired so they could get to market and made more money. Their carts and livestock were not damaged or killed on the new roads as trees and paths were free from overgrowth where robbers and brigands once lurked. The King died (ahhh!) and his silly son took over who knew nothing about anything but insisted by decree that the people of the hamlet were doing many unlawful things and must stop and follow his ill thought out plans to the letter. Because……HE knew what was best for them even though he had only been in the job a day and had a grudge against anyone who didn’t agree with his viewpoint. The wise men petitioned the new king and laid before him the good that the hamlet was enjoying but as the king didn’t understand or learn from the proof of what worked he “cocked a deaf one”! The people were incensed and turned to the wise ones who had served them so well so far. Now we did say these were wise men and were also very well connected and they came up with a nifty solution to the problem AND THE MORAL OF THE TALE IS: Always seek the council of the wise men of the village rather than someone who has little or no knowledge

THE WAY FORWARD Can you be Paranoid if you actually did the things they are out to get you for? I WAS STANDING FOR ELECTION I’M HERE TO GUIDE YOU do you ever listen to a word I say? Yes, but only when I agree with it I PROPOSE THAT ALL ITEMS ON THE AGENDA WITH A VOWEL IN THEM BE MOVED TO THE CONFIDENTIAL SECTION Another Meeting of the “nothing to hide” Council I WOULD AMEND THAT TO INCLUDE CONSONANTS And of course no minutes to be taken

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