4 months ago

AD 2016 Q4

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IMAGING SHOOTER (OPPOSITE) WHALE SHARK, CENDERAWASIH BAY, INDONESIA “A whale shark passing overhead allows a different perspective and an opportunity to incorporate the sun and the surface of the sea into the overall mood. In many parts of the world where diving or snorkeling with whale sharks is reliable, authoritarian rule makers have decreed strobe lighting may not be used due to a wholly unsupported pseudoscientific belief, in my opinion, that whale sharks are especially sensitive to lights. I find this one of the truly irritating absurdities of humans’ presumptions about animal welfare. As an ambassador for Global Shark Diving’s alliance, it is my duty to bring educated reason to the public’s and policymakers’ perceptions about the true nature of these sublime animals.” LEAFY SEADRAGON “If an award were given for the animal that looks most like a float in a Mardi Gras parade, the leafy seadragon would have no close second. These unique members of the seahorse family are endlessly fascinating to watch, and they must be watched intently if one is to perceive their appendages among the surrounding kelp and seaweed. The wave-crashed shores of South Australia, where leafy seadragons are found, are dramatic, so in that spirit I framed the animal with wild seagrass and gorgonia forest. I leveraged the strong sunlight, which suggested to me the lighting of an opera — Richard Wagner’s Siegfried in a cosmopolitan theater, perhaps.” AD 98 | FALL 2016