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AD 2016 Q4

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FROM THE SAFETY STOP PERSPECTIVES NEW INITIATIVES FOR DIVE SAFETY By Bill Ziefle This has been a rewarding and very productive year at DAN®, and we are excited to announce several new programs, products and services that will directly support our dive safety mission. We developed a program to educate new divers about safe diving practices, expanded our professional membership to include all dive industry professionals, enhanced our insurance coverage for entry-level students and launched DAN Risk Retention Group to provide liability protection for dive leaders. While many of these initiatives directly address the safety and security concerns facing dive professionals, their businesses and their students, the full impact will be felt by the entire dive community in the form of increased awareness and an enhanced culture of knowledge and safety. First, we developed a program for students and new divers based on extensive analysis of our medical and insurance-claims data, which showed that the majority of dive-related incidents have a root cause in one of a few fundamental concepts in diving. The Prepared Diver program addresses these common accident catalysts with a series of informative and engaging videos that review the science behind safety guidelines and provide techniques, tips and best practices related to each issue. Complementing all entry-level certification and refresher courses, this program can be used by instructors to help convey the knowledge divers need to avoid the most common dive injuries. To better align our professional memberships with DAN’s mission, we’ve completely revamped and expanded the existing programs to include all dive and aquatic industry professionals — leaders, instructors, store owners, managers and operators. The new DAN Professional Membership has been broadened to offer access to general and professional liability insurance as well as all DAN first aid and Prepared Diver programs for individual professionals, students and staff. We believe it is crucial to provide our members with access to relevant and valuable educational materials and the best possible liability coverage to support them as they continue to educate the dive community and work to reduce the occurrence of dive accidents. We significantly enhanced the medical expense protection available to students of dive professionals who participate in the DAN Professional Membership program. During training, all eligible students will benefit from up to $25,000 in medical expense coverage for injuries occurring during entry-level openwater training. This program is a key benefit available to DAN Professional Members and is provided at no charge to instructors or students. In addition, we understand the importance of thorough and comprehensive coverage for the professionals who take on the risk of teaching and supervising waterbased activities. Therefore, earlier this year DAN Risk Retention Group began offering general and individual/ group professional liability insurance to a select group of dive professionals. We recently extended these programs beyond the initial group and hope to soon be able to offer this coverage to all dive industry professionals. Backed by reinsurance provided by various Lloyd’s syndicates and Gen Re, this new DAN program is structured to provide sustainable and reliable cost-effective solutions for the dive industry’s liability insurance needs. As with other DAN subsidiaries, DAN Risk Retention Group is 100 percent owned by DAN, and all profits will be used to support other DAN dive safety programs. It is our hope that these initiatives will allow DAN to take data from our exhaustive analyses of dive accidents to minimize and prevent future accidents, thus making diving safer for all. To learn more about DAN membership, insurance and dive safety programs, visit AD 12 | FALL 2016

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