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AD 2016 Q4

Alert Diver is the dive industry’s leading publication. Featuring DAN’s core content of dive safety, research, education and medical information, each issue is a must-read reference, archived and shared by passionate scuba enthusiasts. In addition, Alert Diver showcases fascinating dive destinations and marine environmental topics through images from the world’s greatest underwater photographers and stories from the most experienced and eloquent dive journalists in the business.


CONTENTS Fall 2016 FEATURES 68 JARDINES DE LA REINA CUBA’S PRISTINE PARADISE Text and photos by Stephen Frink Sixty miles off the Cuban coast lie the Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen), a group of 250 coral and mangrove islands rich with marine life and excellent coral cover. 76 THE EDGE OF THE BOOMERANG NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES Text by Allison Sallmon; photos by Andy and Allison Sallmon The stretch of coastline at the north end of New South Wales offers diving among an exciting array of marine life, including mantas, bull stingrays and wobbegong, zebra and gray nurse sharks. 82 SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD AN EVER-EVOLVING LANDSCAPE By Twilight Greenaway Determining if seafood was responsibly harvested or cultivated has historically been a difficult endeavor. Through interviews with experts, Twilight Greenaway illuminates the current state of the seafood industry. 86 THE MANY FACTORS IN DECOMPRESSION STRESS By Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D. Dive depth and time are the primary causes of decompression stress, but many other variables are at play. Understanding these factors can help divers mitigate their risk of decompression sickness. ON THE COVER: Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezii) are commonly encountered along the shallow coral reefs of Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina. Stephen Frink took this photo of a pair of sharks with his daughter, Alexa Frink, using a Canon 5Ds with a Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8 II lens (at 16 mm) in a Seacam housing with two Seacam Seaflash 150 strobes and an exposure of 1/50th sec @ f/10, ISO 320. THIS PAGE: Pinnate batfish and sponge. Photo by Douglas Seifert 6 | FALL 2016

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