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AD 2016 Q3

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IMAGING SHOOTER Chandelier Cave, Palau, in 2014 (Nikon D800, Seacam housing, 2000-watt HMI lights as back lighting) 98 | SUMMER 2016

This was very good equipment, designed in the USA by Bob Hollis. When the Nikon F3 came out I went to Sea and Sea for the housing and strobes and then went back to Hugyfot when the F4 came out. I worked with them on the design of that housing, and it turned out beautifully. When the Nikon F5 came out there was a reason to think differently about the housing design, because now there was autofocus. The idea of two hands always on the grips so one could continuously tweak focus was now obsolete. I wanted to free my left hand to hold the strobe as necessary, and Subal was more accommodating of my design ideas for that housing. With my migration to digital in 2002, I made the transition to Seacam. They had a very nice housing for the Nikon D1X, and I knew I was never going back to shooting film. I wasn’t one of those guys who’d shoot half a job on film and half on digital, deciding later which I liked better. I waited to make the transition until the technology was already better than film, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve gone through many iterations of Nikon digital cameras, always with the corresponding Seacam housings, ports and strobes. At the moment I shoot the Nikon D3 and the D800. Right now we’re talking about manufacturing a Seacam housing for the new Leica cameras. If that happens, I will have come full circle, back to the brand of camera I shot for the first time in Lake Zurich so many years ago. SF: You have always been a very active and fit person. Do you find it necessary for your job as an underwater photographer? KA: Maybe it’s not necessary, but it’s certainly helpful — several times in my career I was awarded jobs over other shooters because they were 65 pounds overweight. How can you swim with whales if you can’t keep up, at least for a while? My dad was a very skilled athlete; in fact, he won the silver medal in gymnastics at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He was very good at the rings and parallel bars and remained active in mountaineering photography in his career. I was a black belt in judo, I’ve freedived to 115 feet, and for six years I was on the Swiss national windsurfing team. I still mountain bike, but my nondiving passion these days is solo-sailing my 28-foot boat. At age 74 my father climbed the Matterhorn (one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps at 14,692 feet), and as I near my 70 th birthday there is no question I’d like to be like my father. For him it was sport, sport, sport all the time, and he told me if your body is OK, your mind is OK, too. Many of the things that have happened in my life have been significant events that shaped my future direction. I see turning 70 as one of those. I have taught underwater photography for 30 years (in fact, I have operated a school for underwater photography near my home on the French Riviera since 1995). But now I’m retiring from that part of my life. I still have my Seacam online academy (, but I’m moving on from hosting students. That particular chapter is done, but I look forward to the next ones. ••• While Amsler has enjoyed many triumphs in life, he experienced what he considers to be the apex of his career in 1984, when he served as cameraman and actor for a film called The Maldives: Paradise Transformed. His co-star was none other than Hans Hass, the man who first inspired him to peer beneath the sea to find his way in life. AD From left: Spinner dolphins at Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, in 2007 (Nikon D2X, Seacam housing); wreck of a German Messerschmitt fighter plane from World War II in Marseille, France, in 1978 (Hasselblad, 40mm lens, black-and-white film, no strobe) Above: Film production with Hans Hass for The Maldives: Paradise Transformed in 1984 ALERTDIVER.COM | 99

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