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AD 2016 Q1


IMAGING SHOOTER “Speedo has been a loyal client for me over the years. They tend to run similar kinds of stylized advertisements each year, and I get a lot of repeat business from them. This model is Charlie Turner, who at the time was one of the fastest swimmers in the UK and made a great model for the image. All the retouching was completed by the advertising agency in London that took over that side of things after I had completed the shoot in the swimming pool. Sometimes I do my own retouching and postproduction work in Photoshop, but often the clients prefer to execute their own vision. That’s one of the big differences between my personal work and commercial assignments.” “This image for Greenpeace was an exciting commission from the famous Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency in London. They were pitching to Greenpeace for a marine conservation campaign, and I was lucky enough to land the job. Sadly, the image was never used, but we had great fun being in the water with the freedivers and making the shot. The shark was added in postproduction, but the cage and divers were all as shot. The cage was a specially commissioned aluminum construction that was very much full size. We used a crane to swing it into the sea from the deck of a large vessel. Last I heard the cage was being used in a Cyprus nightclub for a go-go girl to dance in.” 100 | WINTER 2016

“In 2005 I traveled to the Turks and Caicos to shoot a series of mermaid images for a commission for Toto bathroom fixtures. It was one of the most difficult shoots I’ve done. Digital technology was still in its infancy, and I was shooting with a Phase One digital camera back and a medium-format Mamiya RZ67 body in a very dodgy housing. It was hard work in open water and terrible weather. But we survived, the client was happy, and against the odds we got the image.” “Early in 2015 this UK model did a brief checkout dive in a shallow pool and soon afterward found himself in 30 feet of water, buddy breathing with a safety diver and surrounded by dozens of sharks in the Bahamas— and all without a mask. He had worked with me many times before on breath-hold shoots in pools, so I knew he was a superb underwater model. I wasn’t sure how he’d handle the sharks or being on scuba. In the end he did me proud. As we were fizzing out before flying home after the job, I somehow managed to persuade him to get back in the water to do a test shot for me from the beach of the hotel. I wanted an action shot, and among a few variations was this running sequence, which came to life when I added the shark. I’ll be returning to the Bahamas this summer to run an underwater photography workshop, where I look forward to making more images like this.” ALERTDIVER.COM | 101

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