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Be Ready To Respond

Be Ready To Respond Every day, divers and emergency-response personnel around the world trust DAN’s oxygen units and first-aid kits to perform in an emergency. That’s because DAN’s products have been developed, tested and refined with input from leading doctors and researchers to meet the discriminating requirements of the diving community. So be ready to respond. Explore and make sure you are prepared to effectively handle an emergency situation with the latest safety equipment. TRAUMA KIT DAN’s Trauma Kit is designed to handle major traumas and emergencies in remote locations. This kit includes a wide assortment of dressings, bandages, pads and other commonly used first-aid supplies. The waterproof Pelican® 1500 case keeps the first-aid supplies protected in even the most severe marine environments. Accessories such as a blood-pressure cuff or stethoscope can be added to the kit to make this the ultimate first-aid kit for professional use. Product Code: 631-2800; Price: $350.00 631-2800 MARINE MEDKIT DAN’s Marine MedKit features an assortment of first-aid supplies stored in a water-resistant, tri-fold bag. Includes first-aid bandages, dressings and other items commonly used to treat minor injuries and medical situations. Product Code: 631-2600; Price: $65.00 66 | WINTER 2016 The Leader In Dive Safety For 35 Years

COAST GUARD COMPLETE KIT DAN’s Coast Guard Complete Kit has the first-aid supplies needed to meet the U.S. Coast Guard’s requirements for small passenger vessels. Ideal for up to 8 persons, this kit includes ammonia inhalants, an oronasal resuscitation mask, trauma pads and more. 631-3200 Coast Guard Complete Kit $120.00 631-3300 Coast Guard Complete w/Pelican® 1300 Hard Case $150.00 FIRST-AID BACKPACK The First-Aid Backpack is fully stocked with an assortment of first-aid essentials to handle a range of emergencies. Common medications, stop-bleeding wraps, wound-care bandages, fracture/sprain splints, and burn-care supplies are included. Features ample storage compartments for all first-aid components as well as an open storage area for additional supplies. This durable First-Aid Backpack is designed for dive operators and other active individuals. 631-3000 631-3000 First-Aid Backpack – Complete with Supplies $145.00 501-6300 First-Aid Backpack Only $80.00 631-2000 First-Aid Refill Pack Only $38.00 Includes a waterproof cover stored in bottom compartment of backpack CPR AND LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid Course In this course, divers will learn life-saving skills such as how to perform CPR, use an automated external defibrillator (AED), recognize the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and other medical emergencies, manage shock, control bleeding, and more. Learn more at American Camp Association (ACA) Approved ALERTDIVER.COM | 67

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