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BUILDING A NEW HOME IS A BIG THING Building a new home is a big thing, a big investment, a big responsibility. And it can be a big reward! Understanding the process, and being organized, are important and will help to make your new home build a great experience. Building your own home gives you the freedom to enjoy a property that has been built especially for you. It’s important to remember that with all the excitement, that this project requires close attention and careful consideration. What are the key steps to building your dream home? CHOOSE A HOME DESIGN – there are plenty of choices in terms of building a new home including house and land packages, project homes and custom homes. Every option has its benefits, and some have more compromises than others. FIND THE LAND – it’s important to make sure your home design will work with the land you want to buy. Matching your new home to the block of land can impact the cost of the build. CHOOSE A BUILDER - spend time finding the right builder for your project, it’s well worth it! Ask friends, call the HIA and invite builders to submit proposals and quotes on your new home. When you have found the builder you like, make sure their contracts covers everything and agree to a firm timeline. SIGN THE CONTRACT – to make sure that your new home contract is in line with local laws and council requirements use a reputable contract produced by an industry organization such as HIA. Carefully review the contract with your builder and get a clear understanding so you can sign with confidence. MONITOR THE BUILD – be involved in every stage of the building process. It’s a good idea to keep notes of important discussion points and details when you meet with your builder. COMPLETE THE HANDOVER – at handover you’ll be able to collect the keys, make final payment and move it! At this stage you should get copies of warranties and certificates as detailed on your contract and a written authority from your builder that your new home is completed and safe to live in. HIA has a great tool to help you on your new home journey, has a tonne of information to help you through the complexities of building. Log on and have a look at articles, Tips and practical information that covers everything from building, design and environmental factors, right through to finance and outdoors. If you follow these guidelines and combine it with your inspiration and organization, you will have a positive experience and a beautiful new home! Happy Building! Russell Parnicott Branch Manager HIA (Housing Industry Association Ltd) 5 Anderson Street, Manunda 4041 2604 CityLife 80 Magazine

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