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COVERSTORY continued...

COVERSTORY continued... In the body, any attempt to deprive it of this stored energy (often fat) sends the thermostat haywire. Dieting, calorie restriction and exercise burns fuel in the furnace, but the thermostat works voraciously to return the body back to its previous ‘norm’ and with interest for fear that the body will be deprived again. Attacking the hormonal resistance and recalibrating the thermostat to a level that his body has not enjoyed since his teenage years has been Dr Mousa’s focus and the excess weight? It has gone. In this process the ATOM (Autonomous Targeted Obesity Management) program was developed by him and applied to himself as the first guinea pig in January 2016 to regulate the thermostat and while the weight has disappeared there has been an inspirational and unexpected by-product. The high blood pressure, diabetes, back problems and cardiac issues that plagued his adult years have selfcorrected. Now there is almost no clinical proof of their existence other than a 10-inch scar on his chest from a triple bypass suffered at the depths of his obesity battle. When asked how this makes him feel, he said: “I couldn’t feel any better now”. So, is ATOM the magic solution? Could it make chronic obesity the ‘Polio’ of our generation and eradicate it? Dr Mousa is certain that no one solution is the panacea. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO ATOMWEIGHTLOSS.COM.AU October 2007 My weight was an ongoing struggle

COVERSTORY “We were all focussed on the contributing factors such as various diet types, lack of exercise, calorie counting and overeating, but until we addressed the causative factors (hormonal resistance), we were never going to win,” he said. “ATOM tackles this head on addressing what and how much to eat but, equally important, when to eat.” Will the ATOM program replace his extensive Surgical and Endoscopic services established in Cairns over the last 22 years including his diagnostic and therapeutic Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Capsule Endoscopy and Double Balloon Enteroscopy – he is adamant “absolutely not”. ATOM adds another string to an extensive bow of life-improving services. Due to the program’s personalised nature he sees it as an imperative part of solving a much bigger social problem. Of all the scientific developments that he has seen in 40-plus years of professional practice, this has been one that has touched him directly. It has bought him another lifetime to continue the surgical work that has been his life and more time with his grandson. December 2015 Just before my ATOM program started A privilege not lost on him. If you struggle with your weight or obesity, it is important to consult your GP. Access to the ATOM program is only available by referral from your doctor. DR GAMAL MOUSA M.B.B.CH., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S. F.R.A.C.S. SPECIALIST CONSULTANT SURGEON AND GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPIST UNIT 6, LEVEL 1 195 ABBOTT ST. CAIRNS PH: 07 4031 0977 EMAIL:DRGMOUSA@BIGPOND.COM CityLife 9 Magazine

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