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From the first day we

From the first day we arrived in Isparta I love this Place. It's a very beautiful city, there are beautiful lakes of peaceful waters and many impressive caves around the province, thus making it one of the prettiest cities in the Mediterranean region. All thought my Trip was Tiring, itʼs worthwhile. At the end of the Erasmus I will only have memories, but also my heart filled with feelings established with your new peers during the time abroad. Let's agree with this: meeting local people is one of the best things that can happen to you. Being abroad as a tourist is completely different from being abroad as an exchange student, and once you get immersed in the local lifestyle, everything immediately becomes easier. You start making closer friends, more intimate relationships, better food, and wonderful memories. Im so honored and happy that erasmus gave me this change to Travel to turkey and meet These amazing people that i will never forget! MARIA PALANTZA

This week was full of excitement and adventure . We went to Eğirdir where the view was breathtaking and we drank traditional Turkish tea and saleb . Also we went to Antalya which a beautiful city and we visited Antalya’s marina . We had the chance to understand the difference between innovation and creativity and to meet new people . Also I had the chance to practice my Turkish . It was the perfect week Marina irini

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