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A WEEK IN TURKEY This week I’ve been to Turkey and it has been the best week ever. This period that I spent here was so important to me because it helped me to improve my english and to know a new culture, different from my own. I met new people and this is very important too. I was so happy, I can’t describe my feelings with words. I felt really comfortable with my Turkısh friends and also with the teachers and my host family. This trip was really good and I almost felt like I was at home. People here in Turkey are so nice and they were so kind wıth me and my Italian classmates. I’m so grateful because I had the opportunıty to know this incredible country and its beautiful culture. Martina Troiano Italy, Cosenza.

Nursel : Week of the project My week was good. I have so many friends from other countries. All of them are beautiful people. My host was Gabija. She is from Lithuania. And she was a friendly and beautiful girl. I think she loves Turkey and Turkish dishes. We travelled many places. Like Eğirdir, Antalya... The weather was very good. So, yes I'm tired but I'm happy because we have so many memories. I want to travel the world. I love to learn about another cultures. So I need English right now, future and forever. -Nursel NALCI

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